Israel Vaccination Program Confirms the Efficacy of Pfizer Vaccine

Pfizer vaccine

The world is under quite some relief after the vaccination for the novel coronavirus started rolling out recently. Meanwhile, the Pfizer vaccine made the headlines as the company succeeded to formulate the most effective vaccine so far.

According to the data from the vaccination program in Israel, this vaccine is effective in 94% of the symptomatic individuals who get the shot.

This vaccination program shows that the efficacy of the Pfizer vaccine in clinical trials also translates into the general population. Also, the vaccine proved highly effective in preventing severe coronavirus infection.

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According to Prof Hagai Levine, a public health doctor, the vaccine prevented illness among people belonging to all age groups. He also mentioned that the key to this success was the broad vaccination coverage among people with high susceptibility to the infection.

Clalit, the biggest health fund of Israel considered coronavirus tests among 600,000 vaccinated individuals and 600,000 unvaccinated individuals as well. The data showed that 94% of the people among the vaccinated group did not show the signs of infection. Also, the individuals from both groups had the same health status and age.

Prof Levine mentioned that the success of the Pfizer vaccine in Israel sends a positive signal about the shot all over the world. He also stressed the importance of vaccinating high-risk groups.

Even though the experts are not sure when the coronavirus restriction will ease in the country, the positive response of the vaccine gives a high hope.

According to Prof Levine, the data does not show the effect of this vaccine on the transmission of the coronavirus. Hence, experts can not indicate when they can return to normal life. However, this vaccine provides a high boost of personal protection which is highly important in recent times.

Prof Eran Segal, another health expert from Israel who analysis the data for the country’s health ministry said that they will require vaccinating 80% of the individuals above the age of 60. Only this will indicate the efficacy of the vaccine in reducing the number of coronavirus cases.

The impact of the shots only appeared after weeks of vaccinating people in Israel. Also, the results became more prominent after they vaccinated a significant number of individuals. During this program, Israel became the first country to observe the impact of this vaccine on a population scale.

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Even though the Pfizer vaccine proved highly effective in the country, experts suggest staying vary of the new coronavirus variants. The authorities are vaccinating people at a high pace but there is still a major population at the risk of coronavirus infection. Also, the authorities need to reopen everything gradually and with utmost care.

Israel experienced a strict lockdown over the past months due to the increasing number of coronavirus cases. However, people are hopeful that the country will ease restrictions gradually as more people get the shots.

The Israel vaccination program is a huge success for the Pfizer vaccine and shows the efficacy of the shots in a significant population. However, the increasing number of coronavirus variants are another cause of worry for scientists.

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