Importance of a Regular Health Exam Increased After Covid-19

health check up
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The recent pandemic put people with chronic health conditions at risk of a serious infection. Coronavirus infection can range from mild to severe symptoms depending upon the immunity and health condition of the individual. Also, this infection can lead to deadly consequences when combined with conditions such as diabetes or heart disease.

The pandemic also shed light on the importance of an annual health check-up to find out any underlying health conditions that can lead to bigger issues later. For instance, a person with low immunity or previously existing lung infection is prone to hospitalization due to Covid-19 or even death in some cases.

During, the past year, several people died from the infection due to their age or an underlying health condition. Meanwhile, this situation is avoidable if you are aware of your health conditions from a regular health check up.

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A yearly health exam is extremely important for people who contracted the coronavirus infection during the pandemic. The infection can leave behind some complications that can prove disastrous for your health if not addressed soon enough. Also, a regular health check-up will confirm that all the effects of coronavirus are diminished from your body.

The novel coronavirus causes a relatively new infection and scientists are learning new facts about it every day. Hence, doctors are not completely aware of the long term complications associated with this infection. Keeping a health record after your recovery can help trace any side effects or health complications later.

Some of the health screenings during the check up include recording your weight and body mass index (BMI). This will help compare your weight through the years and predict any changes in your health.

This screening comprises of a simple physical exam such as your body temperature, any signs of changes in the skin, and blood pressure. The doctor also records the lung activity and breathing pattern to pinpoint any issue in advance.

Another important aspect of a health check up after Covid-19 is the annual flu shot that can potentially save you from coronavirus infection. Also, the doctor will check the cholesterol level in the blood to save you from heart disease in the future.

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There are also some tests and screenings that your physician can look into in case of family or personal history with health issues. These include a blood test for diabetes, a mammogram to check for any irregularities, colonoscopy, or even screening for your vision and hearing abilities.

The regular visit to a doctor will be different during the coronavirus pandemic. Follow the Covid-19 guidelines when visiting your doctor and postpone it if you have symptoms of flu. Also, wear protective equipment at the hospital to save yourself from a Covid infection.

Some of the important guidelines to follow during your visit include wearing a face mask at all times. Also, take your own hand sanitizer with you or use the one available in the hospital. Doctors also recommend people avoid bringing their children to the hospital during the pandemic.


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