US Marked January as the Deadliest Month in COVID-19 Pandemic

Deadliest Month in COVID-19 Pandemic

The deadliest month in the COVID-19 pandemic in the US has finally come to an end. The only good news is watching a little progress regarding new COVID-19 cases and a decline in hospitalizations all across the country. These progress signs are witnessed after the first Covid-19 vaccines were approved for public use.

The next challenge for the US population is whether or not the country can fight with the newly-introduced mutated coronavirus strains. Although only two of them are spotted in the country, there are high chances that other mutated strains will also show up any time soon.

The health department aims to vaccinate more and more people every week, helping them to develop immunity against this deadly virus which has crippled public health and safety.

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The COVID-19 death toll in the US has crossed 440,000, and nearly 95,000 deaths are reported during the last few weeks. On average, the country reported a little over 3000 deaths per day which have slightly decreased now.

Stepping into the second month of this year has changed a few things regarding the pandemic situation in the country. There is a visible decline in the number of hospitalizations and people requiring emergency medical care. The hospital admissions are first time reduced to 100,000 in the last two months.  But the new COVID-19 cases reported every day are still considerably high, making nearly 148,000 cases per day. These daily cases were almost a quarter million per day, in mid-January, making it the deadliest month in the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the cases in all US states are finally decreasing, and health experts are hopeful that they will never rise again.

Dr. Rochelle Walensky from U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that the recent decrease in COVID-19 cases is promising because last month was the deadliest month in the entire COVID-19 pandemic with the highest deaths reported since the start of this pandemic.

This decline in cases is linked with vaccine approval in the US, which began in December. The country has vaccinated nearly 31.1 million people, confirmed by CDC. This is such impressive progress from 16.5 million vaccine doses which were reported till Biden officially took over the charge on January 20th.

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The Biden government is trying to run at least 1.5 million doses per day to get most people vaccinated in less time. Nearly 5.6 million US citizens have got both these doses while many others have received only one and waiting for the second.

The mutated COVID-19 strains from UK, Brazil, and South Africa are being detected in many US cases. But only the British variant is identified in most cases of mutated strains. This strain is a highly transmissible and deadlier version of the original virus, yet researchers are hopeful that the COVID-19 vaccine is effective against it.

Only the South African variant has an undetermined fate mainly because there is not much data to check if the existing vaccine can provide protection against it or not. Once the research on the mutated variants is completed, questions on vaccine efficacy and decisions to improve or modify new vaccine doses will be made, accordingly.



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