How to Safely Use Bleach For Disinfecting Purposes

Image by Michael Tavrionov from Pixabay

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the everyday life of all people around the globe. While it has caused multiple issues, experts have also urged people to look at its positive outcomes. For instance, there is now more awareness regarding the significance of hygiene.

As a result, people are more concerned about keeping their hands, clothes, masks, shoes, cars, and homes clean. For this purpose, companies have introduced particular disinfectants that claim to kill all kinds of pathogens including the SARS-CoV-2.

While commercial disinfectants that fall under the criteria set by the World Health Organization can indeed keep germs away, they may no longer be affordable for the vast majority of the people especially after many have lost their source of income due to the effects of the pandemic.

According to experts, this does not mean that people who are struggling with finances cannot protect themselves and their homes from the coronavirus or other pathogens. There are also a number of other ways of disinfecting which provide sufficient protection and are cost-effective.

At the start of the pandemic, there was a shortage of disinfectants in the market due to widespread panic. Since many people had hoarded cleaning products, others could not find them anywhere.

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Therefore, the use of homemade cleaners became common. Most of such cleaners contain bleach, which is known to be highly effective. However, when making and using disinfectants containing bleach at home, one has to be extremely careful.

Bleach is a strong ingredient and can often cause reactions when it is mixed with another disinfecting ingredient. It is better to use it alone and not combine it with another equally powerful ingredient.

For example, alcohol is the second most popular disinfecting agent after bleach. It is also highly effective and can protect from all pathogens. Since it is a strong ingredient, it is better to not combine it with bleach.

This will help in avoiding mishaps and accidental poisoning. As most people are not familiar with safe quantities and combinations of disinfecting agents, incidents of poisoning are common.

Some combinations can be extremely toxic and result in a trip to the emergency room. In a few cases, lack of medical attention of time may also cause death. Therefore, it is better to use two ingredients together especially with bleach as it is highly reactive.

For safely disinfecting with bleach, mix only three to four teaspoons of bleach with a gallon of water. Do not exceed this limit as it is enough for cleaning purposes. Only use water and not any other liquid.

Also, wearing protective equipment while using bleach solution for cleaning is important. During the time of cleaning, try to not get the solution anywhere on the skin. Make sure to have good ventilation in all rooms cleaned with bleach.

Keep children and pets away from cleaned rooms for at least fifteen to twenty minutes after cleaning. When using diluted alcohol, follow the same instructions for safety. By using either bleach or alcohol solutions, a person can disinfect homes effectively.


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