US Coronavirus Cases Are Becoming Unimaginably High

US coronavirus cases

Coronavirus case numbers are climbing in the US and it is becoming increasingly alarming at the rate it is happening.

In a single day, 1000 people have died from coronavirus in the US. The total numbers of US coronavirus cases have thus reached 4 million.

To better understand the situation, remember well that the first reported case in the US came on January 21 and after just 99 days 1 million Americans contracted the lethal coronavirus.

Only 43 days since then, US coronavirus cases added up to 2 million cases.

28 days after that, on July 8, US coronavirus cases added up to 3 million cases. Just after two weeks, we can expect the cases to jump to 4 million country-wide.

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Until Wednesday morning, the US has more than 3.9 million people who have caught the infection, and to make matters worse 142,000 people have died as a result, according to data by Johns Hopkins University.

In some states, reports show coronavirus numbers to be breaking records. More and more hospitals are filling up to the brim with a lack of ICU beds; even governors are beginning to ask for masks.

The recent outbreaks are greatly outnumbering the increase in testing. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have shown in recent data that infections can become 10 times higher than the number of already reported cases in parts of the US.

Almost 27 states have halted plans of reopening their areas or have imposed new stricter restrictions to help stop the transmission of coronavirus.

President Donald Trump announced on Tuesday that the nature of the pandemic is likely to get worse before it will get better. This sentiment is shared by other experts also who have been reading into the abysmal condition of the virus in the country.

Dr. Robert Redfield is the Director of CDC, last week he commented on what he expects for the country in the coming winter and fall season. He thinks there is an increased likelihood that America will experience the worst time it has ever seen in public health yet.

While some US leaders previously assumed the reason the nation had so many cases was because of increased testing, it is not entirely the case. The increase in numbers is actually because of the prevalence of coronavirus which is actively infecting vulnerable candidates.

An analysis of the data from the COVID Tracking Project shows that the rate of coronavirus positive cases has increased in several states. There have been major increases in coronavirus cases in recent weeks, in states like Florida, Texas, Arizona, and Georgia among others.

In Florida alone, out of every 1,000 tests, the average rate of positive cases is 35 for the month of May. In June however, sadly the number nearly grew thrice in size and the average became 187 out of 1000 tested cases.

Florida’s governor Ron DeSantis says he believes the state to be on the right track in its fight against coronavirus.

The governor believes he will see improvement if the public adheres to safety measures and continues to do the basic activities needed to reduce transmission.

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California months ago became the first state to shut down completely. Now however it has become a hotspot for outbreaks, leaving even New York behind with the most recorded coronavirus cases in the nation. In an attempt to limit the spread, the governor has shut down outdoor social places like bars and restaurants among other businesses.

Young people are mostly responsible for the spread in LA, according to Los Angeles County officials. 57% of all newly reported cases are of people younger than 41 years old.

A forecast published by CDC shows that by August 8 alone, 150,000 Americans will die from lethal coronavirus.

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