UK’s Deadly COVID Strain Found in Germany

Deadly COVID strain

The mutated COVID strain which was earlier reported in the UK has now spread to other parts of the world. Germany has confirmed its first case with this deadly COVID strain in a woman who reportedly flew from London and tested positive.

Baden-Wuerttemberg from the state health ministry has confirmed that it is the first case of this deadly strain in Germany.

This virus is identified in a woman who landed at Frankfurt airport from Heathrow London on December 20th. She reached her home with one of her relatives and went into quarantine after she was tested positive for this deadly COVID strain at Frankfurt airport.

She says that she started experiencing some mild symptoms only one day before traveling. After this test, she went through another test to confirm her condition and no surprise, the second test came positive too.

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Her swab test has been sent to research laboratories to investigate more on this mutated virus from the UK. The new variant of this virus called B.1.1.7 was identified today. This news has come forward after the country extended a ban on all passengers coming from the United Kingdom (UK) fearing that they might carry the virus.

This ban was extended till 6th January. Despite all these regulatory measures, it seems like the virus has still made an entry to the country. But there is no information on the viral spread. British health authorities reported early that this new COVID strain is a mutated version of the original virus and is much more deadly than the actual virus.

This mutated variant of coronavirus which has been lately reported in the UK is thought to be more contagious and expected to spread much faster than the older variant. The health experts have already warned healthcare units to be prepared for the patients, hospitalizations, care, and deaths that may come next.

A research study conducted by the Centre for Mathematical Modelling of Infectious Diseases, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine found that this new strain has an increased transmission rate which is 56% more than the older strain. But there is no way to estimate if it would cause severe or less severe complications in the patients.

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This strain is thought to have more than two dozen mutations in its structure which may change its virulence. the appearance of this new strain has raised more concerns requiring all test kits, medicines, and vaccines to be thoroughly available for everyone. On one side, the situation in the UK is alarming and other countries are fearing for this virus to enter their premises.

Although many countries have put a temporary ban on flights coming from the UK, hoping to control the entry of this new viral strain, but there is no way to tell if this virus has already reached other locations. After Germany’s confirmation, other European countries have become more alert on passengers coming from the UK.

Without the complete analysis and investigation, it is hard to say if this new virus will be killed by the newly approved vaccines or not. At this point, it is too early to make an assumption.

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