Excessive Use of Social Media can Cause Depression in Six Months

social media depression
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Who doesn’t love social media especially during this time when the pandemic has put a restriction on everything, using social media seems like the only fun in life. A new study reveals a link between social media usage and the development of anxiety and depression in different people. According to the research published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, it may take only six months to develop depression.

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Brian A. Primack and his colleagues from the University of Arkansas (Fayetteville) worked on finding the link between social media usage and the development of depression. The data obtained from 990 US citizens aged 18 years to 30 years old.

The results showed that 9.6% of these people got depression within the six months of this study’s follow-up. This analysis showed a linear association between these two factors social media use and depression. People who used to spent the highest time using social media reported stress, depression, and anxiety. Those who used social media for a lesser time also experienced less stress and depression.

This is a unique study that highlights one of the biggest risks for people isolating themselves at their homes. Although many people find the use of social media as their only escape from the pandemic related to stress, they don’t know that these simple habits can put their mental health at risk.

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Many health experts believe that teenagers and adults don’t spend as much time as they should with their peers and in-person meetings. They prefer connecting to other people through electronic connections and in general, they spend most of their time on social media, avoiding live interactions.

These experts also believe that increase in depression cases is directly linked with social media. The research-based evidence that electronic communications are least satisfying, unbelievable, and isolated.

The current data on human interaction says that empathic feelings are only helpful for in-person interactions, which means you have to meet people and spend time with them. If this relation becomes superficial, in any way such as online communication and avoiding people in real, it will end this connection and the feeling of empathy might end.

During this time when the whole world is going through a difficult time, losing the feeling of connectivity is felt more during home isolation. Probably this is why most people spend time on social media, hoping to get back the ‘connection’ is loost, but in turn, develop depression gradually.

The only exception to this least effect of social media use and depression includes those people who manage these both together. It means that have a high-level in-person interaction but are also very active on social media.

Excessive use of social media can negatively affect mental health but setting a limit and following it can minimize these

Social media use can harm your mental health, especially when it’s used more frequently.




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