US Will Get Back to Normal Life in Summer 2021, Says Dr. Fauci

US Summer
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Anthony Fauci is the director of the U.S National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. After the US has started massive scale vaccinations, he shares that the situation will go back to normal in the US by the coming summer.

He said, if the vaccination plan proceeded as per plan, there are high chances that nearly all of the US population will have the COVID-19 vaccine. Because of this vaccine, they will build immunity, and then this pandemic will finally be over.

In one of the recent interviews, Dr.Fauci said that it is also possible for people to go back to the functions, weddings, and other events by June or July. He also urged that high-risk groups should receive this COVID-19 vaccine on a priority basis. It includes nurses, healthcare staff, diabetic patients, elderly people, and nursing home occupants. He hopes that these groups will get the vaccine shots by March or April.

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For other people, the vaccinations will start by April which Dr. Fauci has called ‘open season’ for the COVID-19 vaccination. During this time, any person from the public can get this vaccine.

By the middle of summer, with this vaccination plan, most health experts believe that up to 85% population will be vaccinated. Once this level of vaccination is achieved, most of the people will be under a protective umbrella.

Upon questioning if people who had already postponed their weddings this year would require to postpone their wedding plans again in 2021, he said that weddings will most probably resume by that time.

These statements are issued after the US government has granted approval to two COVID-19 vaccinations. One of these vaccines is made by Pfizer in collaboration with BioNTech. A second vaccination is made by Moderna in collaboration with the National Institute for Health.

The US has spent billions of dollars to buy nearly 400 million Covid-19 vaccine doses. Half of these doses are bought from Pfizer/BioNTech and others from Moderna. It means 200 million people will receive these vaccines in the two shots method.

This Tuesday, the US government announced purchasing 100 million additional vaccine doses which will be available by July. With this vaccine availability information, it looks like that Fauci’s statement on returning back to normal in the US might be true.

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The agreement between the US government and Pfizer will make the availability of 70 million vaccine doses by the end of June. The remaining doses will be delivered by the end of July, at all costs, according to the defense department.

During this month, the US government is planning to immunize nearly 20 million people and they will include healthcare workers and high-risk groups. The expert committee on the vaccine program reported that people over 75 years of age will receive vaccinations next. It will also include 30 million healthcare staff members and other essential workers, such as teachers, police, grocery store workers, etc.

US government is also trying to find more vaccine candidates to make more doses available. These vaccine candidates which are currently under consideration include Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca and dozens of other pharmaceuticals.


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