Tsunami of COVID-19 Cases on its Way to the Hospitals of Texas

Tsunami of COVID-19 Cases

Coronavirus cases are spreading like anything and it doesn’t seem like there is any stop to them. As to coronavirus cases in Texas, doctors claim that a tsunami of COVID-19 cases” would be soon rushing to the hospitals after the Independence celebrations end.

Doctors attending to these patients can be seen wearing their photograph in their necks so that the patients can know who is coming to them. Wearing the protective gear, it gets almost impossible to recognize anyone so wearing a picture helps the coronavirus patients to relate to their doctors.

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All these hospitals in Texas are following strict rules on hygiene and not compromising on anything. All this is to make the coronavirus treatment rate 100% successful during their average 80-day stay.

But as the lockdown ended, there is a huge increase in coronavirus cases in Texas. Each day brings more and more patients in severe conditions with hope in their eyes that doctors can save them. However, many of them are in such a condition that it gets impossible to save their life, shares the medical staff.

Even after all these difficulties, the coronavirus treatment success rate is 96% here which is highly impressive. Dr. Varon, one of the doctors, fighting in the frontline to save these patients says that the tsunami of COVID-19 cases is on its way.  The hospitals are already trying to set extra beds for patients that are expected in the coming weeks.

This number of coronavirus cases in Texas has increased to three folds only in two weeks with the highest cases recorded at Houston, the largest city of Texas.

There are numerous people seen on the roads, wondering where to get coronavirus tests. People who have already given a sample for coronavirus tests are waiting to get their results back.

But it is expected that these people will increase more after this weekend’s Independence Day celebrations as it is most likely to bring thousands of new cases.

Doctors are being frantic on how would they handle all these cases while the city hospitals are almost reaching their full capacity already.

They are urging citizens to act responsible and not involve in spreading the infection. However, with celebrations of the 4th of July this weekend, it seems like this advice may not work. It would be impossible to make sure of following social distancing or wearing a mask in these public gatherings. It could lead to an enormous coronavirus spread, perfectly illustrated by the tsunami of COVID-19 cases.

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Texas is one of the US states which ended the ‘stay at home’ order to help reviving the national economy. However, the state governor Greg Abbott calls this decision to be a mistake, watching the surge in coronavirus cases in Texas.

This simple mistake will now make the whole state suffer in terms of new coronavirus cases, with Houston to be the center of all these cases.

It justifies the worries and frustration of all medical staff in Texas hospitals. Most of them are fearful of the upcoming situation with no hopes of the virus coming slow on its own. The coronavirus vaccine or treatment medicine is still far far away. Till then, the only way to control the infection spread is to impose a temporary lockdown or cancel all public gatherings.


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