Sanitizers May Be A Danger to July 4 Celebrations

July 4 celebrations

As people continue to prepare for July 4 celebrations in the US, officials are issuing warnings about the use of sanitizers near sparklers and fireworks.

Britain is also receiving similar advice regarding Super Saturday in the chance that they also use pyrotechnics.

Using fireworks and sparklers may prove lethal however seemingly safe these practices may seem. Hand sanitizers like most hygiene products include a percentage of alcohol in their ingredients, this makes them highly flammable. Near fireworks or things like sparklers, sanitizers can burn the person who uses them.

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Maureen Vogel is a National Safety Council spokesperson. She says Alcohol and fire are not a good pair as together they are extremely dangerous and can cause fires.

Sanitizers have become an important part of our arsenal against the coronavirus pandemic; people use them to avoid infection by COVID-19. Now that celebrations for July 4 are in the works, it is a health concern of many regarding the flammable nature of sanitizers and the possible danger brought by fireworks.

Gels for hygiene typically contain 60 and 70 percent alcohol; it is one of the main ingredients that help fight viruses and bacteria. While sanitizers are one of the most important protective measures during this coronavirus pandemic, due precaution should be taken near flames.

As alcohol is highly flammable, it is advised to not use hand sanitizer before using fireworks or handling sparklers. Doing so can cause people their lives and also cause irreparable damage to those around them.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPC), Sparklers are also a major concern. Sparklers burn at a temperature of 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit or 1,093 degrees Celsius; this means they are easily able to ignite fires. This is a real danger to July 4 celebrations as the use of pyrotechnics have almost become traditional during holidays.

Pyrotechnics pose a very real risk for setting the gel on fire and consequently causing serious burns. Maureen advises people who intend to handle fireworks during July 4 celebrations to wash their hands with water and soap instead. Washing hands with soap and water will be a lot safer as there is no flammable substance present to cause burns.

Besides Independence Day celebrations that will begin tomorrow, Brits are expecting to celebrate with full vigor the easing of their lockdown restrictions. To celebrate the reopening of pubs and restaurants, they are calling the day ‘Super Saturday’

The advice to avoid using sanitizers with pyrotechnics holds for both countries seeking to celebrate their respective days. Maureen says combining items that can catch fire is never a good idea therefore people should keep this in mind before they begin celebrations.

Sanitizers should not be anywhere near the area where the fireworks will be, she emphasizes.

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While hand sanitizers are flammable, they are still important as the coronavirus threat is still not over. Those who are standing a considerable distance away from the display should not stop using it. The cases of coronavirus are not yet under total control; therefore people should employ safety precautions where applicable.

Though millions of Americans will continue to celebrate America’s Independence from the British Empire, they should keep in mind the precautions advised by health professionals.


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