Trump’s False Claims about coronavirus and AIDs vaccine hit White House

Trump makes false claims about AIDs vaccine and coronavirus

American President Donald Trump made false claims during an event subjected to police reforms in the White House that the US successfully made AIDs vaccine. He also said there is no need for coronavirus vaccine as the virus will vanish on its own.

Trump has had some disturbing views about coronavirus treatment and prevention before. However, this time the American President went over the edge with his delusional false claims about HIV and coronavirus.

The American President is previously recognized for humiliating the country with his strange and false words. Trump also does not hesitate from talking about anything out of his scope, such as medicine.

Trump claimed his administration is close to developing a vaccine for AIDs in an event taking place in White House that was about the police reform measures to be observed for the George Floyd case.

As if it was not enough, he said that there is no such need for the coronavirus vaccine, although they will prepare that as well- voila!

It is clear for his words that the American President does not take the COVID-19 condition seriously at all. Despite his false knowledge, he keeps making the wrong decisions and saying the wrong things.

Researchers worldwide are trying for years to develop a vaccine for the cure of AIDs, but they were never successful.

To top his false claims about the AIDs vaccine, Trump further relates the matter with the coronavirus pandemic saying that the virus would automatically vanish without any treatment or precautions.

Trump repeated that they will find a coronavirus cure before the end of the present year. On the contrary, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, says that success for the vaccine development will not uncover before fall.

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The US is on the verge of an economic collapse due to a deluge of coronavirus cases flooding the states. As the situation is not disturbing enough, the state President adds salt to the wound by saying strange things in spite of the warning from the experts.

According to the CDC, the US had 1.1 million cases of HIV by the end of the year 2016. CDC repeats that HIV and AIDs remains a continuous issue for the United States despite efforts from the experts.

Mr. President is getting ready for the new elections by fuelling mass hysteria using his clever and cunning words. Recently he started a campaign called “transition towards greatness”.

On Monday, Trump accused that increased testing practices are the reason for the coronavirus surge in the country. However, many countries that are showing an increase in the cases also witness record population in their hospitals which contradicts the previous statement.

Veterans across the country are practicing an outcry that the decision to reopen states would result in a catastrophe but the President does not seem to be paying any heed.

As the second wave of coronavirus hits the US, it is time the Trump woke up and realized his mistakes. Rather than making false claims about the AIDs vaccine and coronavirus, he needs to take necessary actions.

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