Controversial Sex Scandal Causes New Coronavirus Cases in Australia

The coronavirus pandemic in Australia has had limited effects due to the country’s fast action in the early days of the crisis. However, there has been a surge of new infections with the easing of lockdown restrictions. More recently, several new coronavirus cases in Australia have been linked to a controversial sex scandal at a hotel located in Victoria.

A judicial inquiry has been launched to examine the scandal in the hotel used for the purpose of quarantining international travelers entering the country.

According to the reports on the issue, a number of contracted workers broke the several restrictions imposed specifically for coronavirus and engaged in sexual activities multiple times during the lockdown.

The Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, commented on the recent scandal which was linked to a surge of cases in the state, saying that the government will provide funding of three million to help the judicial inquiry.

In addition, he also stated that the scandal could also be linked to previous outbreaks of coronavirus in Australia which happened in early May as well as June.

The Australian government has selected a number of hotels located across the country in different states for the purpose of quarantining incoming travelers from other countries. Any person entering Australia has to spend a fourteen-day time period in one of the hotels to steer clear of the coronavirus infection.

This ensures that no international traveler spreads the infection further as is a major part of Australia’s overall policy of strict border control due to the coronavirus pandemic. Currently, only residents of Australia are allowed to enter the country.

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In Melbourne, Victoria, at least thirty-one new cases of coronavirus in Australia have been linked to the sex scandal and breach of coronavirus protocol in the Stamford Plaza hotel. A number of other cases have also been associated with Rydges on Swanston hotel, which is also located in Melbourne.

Some of the reported breaches taking place in these hotels include the hiring of guards without proper training as well as the hotels’ own staff members breaking protocols and engaging in sexual activities with incoming guests.

These allegations have not been confirmed yet. However, Greg Hunt, who is Australia’s Minister for Health stated that there have been at least two cases of breaches of coronavirus protocols, both of which are linked to several new infections.

Hunt further added that the government is likely to take stricter measures if any other allegations, such as hotel security guards having sex with guests, is confirmed.

Recently, the number of new coronavirus cases in Australia has gone up, specifically in Victoria. Parts of Melbourne are in lockdown after seventy-three new infections were reported in the city.  Overall, there are now three hundred and seventy cases in the city.

Till now, sixty thousand Australian residents have entered the country and been a part of the hotel quarantine program since the travel restrictions have been eased. Now, international travelers will no longer be allowed in the country for at least the two coming weeks.


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