Tivity Health Initiates a Program to Promote Healthy Diet in Older Patients

Tivity Health is a leading source in providing solutions relating to nutrition, social engagement with fitness, all collaborated together to initiate a meal delivery plan in 2020. The plan will provide the consumers with fully prepared meals that nutritionists will specially design to cater to the needs of elder people.

Wisely Well Nutrition Solution will be supporting the individuals who would be wanting meal convenience as well as the individuals that recover after hospitalization and have chronic diseases or are facing problems like food security issues. The solution will be provided to the users through different health programs.

At initial levels, Wisely Well will be providing 25 pre made packaged meals that would be designed by keeping the best quality ingredients in mind and are frozen to maintain their freshness and keep them from spoiling.

The choices include meals formulated specifically for individuals having diabetes and cardiac disorders. The newly launched brand comes with the facet of Tivity Health acquiring Nutrisystem – another program, at the start of the year and includes a lot of experience of food development taking place these years and expertise of the Tivity Health product plans to maintain and support health and well-being.

The Nutrisystem comes with an aim to enhance the ability for addressing the social factors behind determining health and availability of healthy food. Moreover, readmitting to hospital and chronic illness are all significant influencing forces that come with high costs for healthcare.

The Wisely Well market comes in the market at a rapid rate and meets the individuals needs for a healthy and nutritionally adequate meal each day to dynamically improve health and overall well-being.

Not only the fact that the service will be available directly to the customers, but Wisely Well will also be offered to consumers through health plan team for the maintenance and support of patients that are on the verge of readmission to the hospital or have any chronic disease.

The readmissions for hospital have a total annual cost for $26 billion, and $17 billion are expended on hospital trips after discharging that can be avoided to a much large extent.

There is scientific evidence that proves food as therapeutically effective in alleviating monthly rates for readmission. Through Wisely Well, patients can order meals via discharge planning and management professionals that coordinate with the health planning of the admitted patients in the hospital.

Moreover, health plan members that want to keep getting the specified meals can convert to another pay relationship through a special promotion. These meals are specifically designed for supporting senior nutrition needs having flexible plans that assists in addressing food insecurity plans in elder people.

The demographics are getting shifted at a dynamic rate, with more than eleven thousand people that turn sixty five every day. With better life expectancy rate, Americans have an increasing demand for innovative products for supporting older people as well as caregivers.

This will increase the overall impact of nutrition on the older patients who are admitted to hospitals and have chronic diseases that require special care from the health care providers.

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