The Prostate Cancer Foundation Opens New Centers For Veteran Patients

Recently, the Prostate Cancer Foundation has announced the opening of four new Centers of Excellence dedicated specifically to the treatment of veterans who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer. In total, the PCF now has ten centers across the US in various cities.

The newly opened centers added to the chain are located in Tampa Bay, FL, Philadelphia, PAWashington DC, and Durham, NC. Veterans can now visit these respective centers for effective therapy of prostate tumors using the most advanced techniques and technology.

Currently, the Prostate Cancer Foundation also has treatment centers in other cities that provide therapy to any patient including Seattle, WA, Ann Arbor, MI, Chicago, IL, Bronx, NY, Manhattan, NY, and Los Angeles, CA.

In accordance with the statistics, around fifteen thousand men in Veteran Affairs get a diagnosis of prostate cancer in their screenings every year. This makes it one of the most common types of cancer not only in veterans but in men in general.

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Additionally, around one in nine men and one in six African American men are diagnosed with cancer in the United States. The total number of men living with the disease is estimated to be around four million.

Although there is now a range of therapies for many types of cancer, many treatment providers do not have the appropriate resources and a lack of facilities. The Prostate Cancer Foundation aims to provide cutting-edge treatment in every part of the country.

Therefore, the foundation has around ten centers in different cities with the best and latest technologies. Its Veteran health initiative was established in 2016 with the goal of raising 50 million dollars for the treatment of prostate cancer in the Veteran Affairs.

Much of the funds invested in the project were used in the opening of the new centers. Each one of the centers has improved treatment plans which includes appropriate resources for precision oncology as well as access to clinical trials.

The precision treatments are personalized plans for each one of the patients that target the cancer growth in accordance with its genetic link. Till now, it is the most effective way to treat and prevent deaths caused by prostate cancer. The genetic understanding of cancer can also make the clinician in determining which therapy will work the best for the patient.

On the other hand, the new Center of Excellence also provides a platform for scientists and researchers to conduct clinical trials. The PCF and Veteran Affairs have collectively funded research not only for prostate cancer but also for forms of cancers.

The president of PCF, Jonathan W. Simons, says the foundation is proud to work and give healthcare to veterans. He further adds that there are also plans to introduce and open more platforms for the research and treatment of cancer in the country.

The opening of more centers based on research and better treatment of cancer can possibly cut down the rates of deaths caused by prostate cancer and other types of cancer in the general population as well.

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