Lev-El Paves Way for Early Detection of Ischemic Heart Disease in Health People

Lev-El, a private biomedical organization in Jerusalem, specializes in cardiac disorder detection through the use of Artificial Intelligence such as Algorithms.

It recently declared results of the largest prospective multi-center clinical research across the globe to find the association between heart rate variability and idiosyncratic myocardial ischemia in individuals with no clinical symptoms of Cardiac disease.

This will be presented officially at the AHA – American Heart Association, 2019 Annual Scientific Session.

The collaborative Mayo Clinic research showed that HeartTrend analysis of HRV enhances myocardial ischemia in time in comparison to conventional CVD risk factors involved and generally employed treadmill analysis on stress.

Moreover, the research results further verify a new incoming risk factor for cardiac disease, improving factors present at the moment that constitute obesity, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and smoking.

The global population can now get advantage of the early detection of ischemic heart disease by 80% which is a considerable improvement in the technology for the detection of AFib.

It is a disorder concerning to only a rare amount of 2 per cent of the individuals in the world. HeartTrends also provides with a time saving and highly easy to use test for an affordable early detection for the disease stress that involves no amount of physical labor and can be easily installed in the smart watches.

HeartTrends technology uses proficient and innovative machine learning and artificial intelligence and gets generated on all types of devices that are fully functional and capable of precisely recording around 20 minutes of heart beats.

The test for heart beat variability detection is highly affordable and is better than other types of tests which are time consuming and heavy on the pockets.

It significantly enhances reach of the individuals on a global level and brings preventative stress evaluation for cardiac related disorders to a wide spectrum of healthy individuals across the globes including small communities in particular, and can also assist in testing for older citizens that have functional impairment or have weight disorders.

In addition to that, the software application provides with highly affordable and convenient advantages pertaining to health insurers as well as it represents other advances happening in technology in the market of wearable smart devices and watches while also considering the privacy rights of the individuals.

Moreover, the research collaborates a highly sensitive and non-invasive stress testing that causes minimum interference with the internal anatomy for subclinical or early signs of ischemic heart disease in people.

The includes those that have very low to medium chances for getting detected (be positive) about ischemic cardiac disorders and risk assessment for assessing any factors and probability.

This takes place to ensure that the case is stratified again among the physicians and other health care providers.

HeartTrends has now taken this under consideration to improvise ways and means to provide timely detection of the disease in healthy individuals. That way, there will be room for early intervention in individuals having ischemia in early stages that will be cost-effective and advantageous to prevent further spread of disease in the individuals.

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