A New Orthopedic Support Line For Dogs is now available

Animal Ortho Care has recently announced a new orthopedic line specified for dogs. Now, any person with an injured furry friend can instantly get the required support to prevent further problems.

There is a variety of options to choose from in braces. A person can either get the needed braces directly from the stores or place an order for the custom-made size. In addition, Animal Ortho Care also offers different equipment for pain management purposes.

The newly launched line of the company is deemed excellent. This is because the bracing can be utilized for the purpose of orthopedic support alone or even be used in combination with pain management technologies.

For instance, AOC’s EMpower device also called Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy, can help relieve a dog’s hock, carpal, knee, and paw pain as well as provide support.

On the other hand, products from the Orthopedic support line, also called EMbrace, are not as rigid in comparison. However, the company stated that this was intentional and each one of the custom-made braces comes with an option of removable inserts.

Hence, a customer buying one of the bracings for his/her dogs can use in accordance with the needs. For example, for people who are looking for the immediate treatment and healing of their dog’s injuries, the rigid inserts can be added to the braces.

Additionally, any person buying bracing in order to assist his/her dog with signs of aging and pains, as well as conditions such as arthritis, can remove the inserts. Such advancements can provide a big help to dog owners worldwide.

In consonance with the statistics on pet’s health, there injuries and accidents including domestic animals increase day by day. But the good news is that healthcare is also catching up on the same speed to boost the pet’s health and increase their lifespan.

Similarly, custom-made bracing can greatly help people especially because finding the right size that does not hurt or make a dog uncomfortable is hard. With the EMbrace Orthopedic Support line, the difficulty automatically goes down.

However, a big concern among people is the use of bracing in the first place for treating injuries in dogs, as said by the CEO of AOC Fariborz Boor Boor. Previously, bracing has been successfully used for the treatment of torn ACL in humans. So, the idea can also be applied to pets for similar injuries.

Comparatively, other healthcare and injury healing methods are not as effective and may take a long time to improve the condition. Animal Ortho Care’s products are known to be of high quality. The company is trusted and has been growing since it started in 2005.

Consequently, the newly introduced EMbrace support line will is also bound to be accepted and tried by many of its existent customers. The products particularly designed for this line include devices for disease prevention, injury care, pain management, and old-age care.

The average price of the products is between $75 to $245 respectively. The company hopes to not only make the lives of dogs better but also change the views on the use of advanced healthcare devices for treatment in animals in general.


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