A Ground-Breaking Phone App that Potentially Relieves Tinnitus Symptoms

Tinnitus is an extremely common health concern that affects every one in eight people in the UK according to the British Tinnitus Association. Sadly, it reduces the quality of life and tinnitus patients are unable to enjoy music, movies, chatting with friends and dance parties. Not just common people but musicians are also affected by it, which is why Rupert Brown has developed this new app to relieve tinnitus symptoms in patients.

Tinnitus has no medical treatment and everything that experts suggest basically relieves the symptoms. It could be a supplement aid, lifestyle changes, precautions or digital help through a simple phone app.

A musician himself by profession, Rupert Brown is dealing with this same problem for las 30 years and eventually found something that could help him and millions of other tinnitus patients.

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Till the date, there is no 100% effective treatment of tinnitus available but Rupert says that this new app called “T-Minus app” has promising benefits to offer. This app basically contains a huge library on ‘Mind Environments’ that relieves the ringing ears.

He says;

“Creating this music has been an incredible journey. It’s been scary, dark and emotional and has opened up deep wounds and sensitivities surrounding my own issues, but I have relished the challenge and found this to be utterly exhilarating and cathartic. What started out as a DIY approach to my own tinnitus has led me to create this sound therapy library. I hope it’s as helpful to others as it has been for me.”

Brown, has worked with very prominent names from the industry like Roy Ayers, Nigel Kennedy, Cher, and The Lighthouse Family. For this app development, he has collaborated with a professional team having the hearing therapists, audiologists and consultant ENT doctors in it.

Penny Stannard is an audiologist and hearing therapist from “The Private Ear Clinic, UK”.

She shares that;

“Although there is no out and out a cure for Tinnitus, T-Minus have tailored their music app to help those finding Tinnitus difficult, making it more manageable. Using the latest research on tinnitus retraining, masking and the use of music and fractal tones, Rupert really has created a totally unique library of tinnitus therapy tracks. I will be recommending it to my own patients.”

The app also contains a sound library which includes music specified for tinnitus patients, many broadband sounds, modulated sound as well as fractal tones. The app “T-Minus” provides complete audio and masking control to the user. The frequencies of these sounds are customized to help to overcome the tinnitus symptoms. The app further shares tips and guides on managing tinnitus (it has an FAQs section too).

More details on this app are available online at T-Minus website. You can download the app from the Apple App Store for free. However, some playlists and music tracks need a Spotify Premium account. The Android version of this app is currently not available but would be launched soon.


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