Sunflower Seeds for Weight Loss- The Real Story

sunflower seeds

Weight loss is not easy and considering the on-going pandemic, maintaining a distance from people, staying at home, and stress about the constant risk are a few things that are making it worse. recently a new trend of using sunflower seeds for weight loss has started after a few people have shared their success stories on different weight loss forums. It has led other people to question this new benefit of these seeds which may or may not be true.

Sunflower seeds are a common part of the diet and they are used in many dishes. These seeds are highly nutritious and are loaded with protein, fiber, and fats, vitamin E, and minerals (selenium). But as they have a high amount of fat, it means they have high calories- so understanding how these sunflower seeds for weight loss are a help.

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The fat inside sunflower seeds is the unsaturated fat and is generally considered healthy fat for heart health. Changing the fat source from saturated to unsaturated reduces the LDL cholesterol and thus prevent heart diseases.

But the role of sunflower seeds for weight loss is not clear. The research evidence suggests a high amount of nutrients in these seeds some of which are associated with metabolic boost, building muscle mass, and fluffiness after a meal. These benefits generally aid in the weight loss process suggesting this benefit may be true.

For example, the major part of the fiber inside these seeds is soluble fiber. This type of fiber is associated with managing weight by improving digestion. It prevents constipation, bloating, and indigestion. It also softens the stool and ensures a complete breakdown of food.

Adding these seeds into a weight loss diet also helps a person from overeating. For example, adding them to snacks will help to feel fuller for a longer period without eating much. Although sunflower seeds for weight loss are not studied specifically there is plenty of research suggesting other nuts like these to promote weight loss. In this way, adding sunflower seeds in food recipes or in a weight loss diet may have substantial benefits for a person.

Contrary to other weight loss foods, it doesn’t affect the muscle mass. In fact, it promotes and maintains the muscles despite the body is busy in burning calories. Typically, when people follow any low-calorie diet, the amount of weight that they lose is mostly from the muscles. It explains why they feel weak and lethargic during a diet.

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Interestingly, sunflower seeds for weight loss are not just limited to the physical factors and also have a role in emotional healing. The fiber in these seeds help to motivate and encourage people to stick to a diet plan. High fiber takers are likely to drop more weight than others, which means these people will be able to meet their weight-related goals in less time.

Despite all these reasons, there is no research to back up these benefits. But it doesn’t mean that the benefits of sunflower seeds are a lie, they are not. The weight watchers can add sunflower seeds in their routine, in moderation. Don’t forget the high-calorie density which means it is necessary to smartly incorporate seeds in the recipes, otherwise they may increase weight instead of reducing it.


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