An Early Dinner Can Help in Weight Loss

early dinner weight loss

Weight loss is a lot more than just eating less and burning calories in the gym. The new study reveals that the time of your last meal of the day also affects it. according to this new study, an early dinner speeds up metabolism and results in weight loss. In addition to this, it also regulates blood sugar levels naturally. Does this mean eating dinner late increases the chances of weight gain? Perhaps yes.

The new study published in the journal by Endocrine Society named Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism says that having an early dinner has hidden benefits for weight loss. Those who want to lose weight should probably re-consider their mealtimes if they want their progress to improve.

Eating dinner in late hours is directly associated with obesity. It is not the cause of obesity but a major factor that increases the chances of making a person obese. This research team worked on how eating at different hours changes the body’s metabolism and promotes weight gain.

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Through a randomized clinical trial, they divided 20 study participants into two groups and set two different dinner timings for them. They also controlled the food intake, and sleep cycle.

These participants included men and women both and were fed the same foods and the same sleeping routine and just the different mealtime. Some of them were asked to dine at 6 pm while others ate their dinner at 10 pm. All of them went to sleep by 11 pm.

In the group which ate dinner late, the sugar levels in blood were extremely high and they burnt a low amount of fat as compared to the other group which ate early. It shows that early dinner indeed impacts on weight loss.

Somehow these results are surprising. Most people already know that eating dinner early and going to bed early is what a healthy lifestyle looks like. There is plenty of research on understanding human circadian rhythm and how eating odd times makes it hard for the body to metabolize sugar.

Eating dinner late is an added risk for diabetic people and those who are on the verge of diabetes. The amount of sugar is 20% higher in late eaters than those who dine early. Their fat burning process is 10% slower too.

These effects were recorded in healthy participants and understanding how this risk will be much more in overweight and obese people is worrisome.

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An interesting thing to add here is that, despite these findings, the researchers aren’t calling it a conclusive end. It is because they believe that not all human bodies the same way to sugar metabolism as these study participants.

It means the body’s response towards burning calories and metabolizing sugar is different and it is also possible to observe the opposite results in the same person, eating the same food at the same time. But how that meal affects a person’s body functions is definitely a plausible fact and doesn’t require more evidence.

These new study findings can be exceptionally helpful to determine healthy eating habits in people who wish to lose weight. Although it has only studied healthy participants, this information is valuable for both weight watchers and obese. Lastly, it also reduces the chances of various weight-related diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and hence improves the quality of life.

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