Stevia Leaf Powder Can Reduce DiabetesType 2 ’s Risk

Type 2 diabetes is a long term complication that happens when the insulin level is low in the body. The pancreas produces and regulates a hormone that regulates blood sugars and maintains insulin level in the blood called “insulin”. When required insulin is not produced by pancreas than type 2 diabetes arises. This condition requires careful monitoring because it left untreated then it can lead to some deadly complications like heart disease.

A healthy lifestyle is required to keep blood sugar levels in balance. Sugary foods are also a reason behind the weight gain. Once the weight is gained it is very difficult to control blood sugar levels.

Obesity not only affects blood sugar levels but also changes the metabolism of the body. Due to these changes fat tissues are released into the blood and insulin-responsive cells are affected and insulin sensitivity is reduced.

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The accumulation of abdominal fats causes the release of pro-inflammatory chemicals that make the body less sensitive to insulin. If someone wants to keep sugar levels in balance than it is imperative for them to keep weight under control.

It is studied that stevia leaf powder is a good alternative to sugar and a nonnutritive sweetener. There are no calories in this powder that’s why it is considered a good choice to ménage weight. The stevia leaf powder is obtained from Stevia rebaudian plant species and these plant species are commonly found in two countries, Paraguay and Brazil.

The significant effects of this powder are seen in lowering the blood sugar levels. Similarly, another study in rats also confirms that stevia leaf powder plays an important role in reducing blood sugar levels.

Today many people are living with type 2 diabetes because people don’t feel unwell as symptoms don’t make them feel ill or unwell. The common signs and symptoms of type 2 diabetes are blurred vision, weight loss without any effort, tiredness, peeing more than usual, particularly at night, feeling thirsty all the time, itching around the vagina or penis and cuts or wounds that take longer to heal.

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NHS advises people to take high preventive measures and to check their GP if these symptoms appeared in them. The health body’s website explains that GP can diagnose diabetes but if it can’t be done at GP surgery then people should go for a blood test and to their local health center.

If type 2 diabetes is diagnosed at an earlier level than the better treatment can be started and the risk of other health problems can also be reduced.

The results suggest that stevia leaf powder also reduces the kidney and liver damage in animals. Stevia is a nonnutritive sweetener and it has antioxidant potential to reduce the blood sugar levels in mice also. Antioxidants are compounds that have an important role in the protection of heart diseases. So the use of stevia leaf powder not only prevents type 2 diabetes but also from some other health problems.

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