Spanish Government Rejects the Second Wave of Coronavirus News

Second Wave of Coronavirus

Spain is one of the worst-hit countries by coronavirus pandemic. The Health Ministry of Spain has reportedly rejected all claims that the country is going through the second wave of coronavirus. It has called all such news fake and there is no second wave in the country.

Despite the surge in new coronavirus cases, the country is denying the popular news all over the international media. The official statistics by the Spanish Health Ministry report 19,405 new cases of coronavirus which gives an average of 2,772 cases daily. This is a remarkably high number of new cases despite battling the deadly virus for months.

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Only one week before these cases were recorded to 1,913 as daily average and in the week before it, the average cases were 1,460 per day. Going through this gradual increase in cases shows that there is indeed a surge in new coronavirus cases and there might be the second wave of coronavirus in the country.

Despite the elevated cases, Fernando Simon the leading epidemiologist from the Spanish Health Ministry said that he wouldn’t say that there is a second wave of coronavirus in Spain. He also shared that there is no clear information on why is there an increase in these cases. It could be because of the increased testing per day.

Catalonia is one of the worst-hit places in Spain which has recorded at least 5,100 confirmed coronavirus cases within last week. Its neighboring area Aragon is also badly hit with 4,100 coronavirus cases within one week.

Considering the sudden increase in new coronavirus cases, Austria has announced to put a travel ban on people coming from mainland Spain. Among many other countries, Austria has become a relatively new country to add these travel warnings because of the surge in COVID-19 cases.

Before Austria, Switzerland already announced the travel ban on people from mainland Spain because of the country’s status as the highly-threatened COVID-19 area. The transmission risk is high which is making other European countries put travelers from Spain to be in quarantine or ban entry.

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Last week, Germany, another European country has placed three of the Spanish regions into the high-risk places for travelers. On the other side, the UK and France are also working on imposing travel bans and limitations on flights coming from Spain.

Even with these high numbers fr new cases and neighboring countries putting travel bans on Spain, the government is denying the second wave of coronavirus news, assuring that there is no such thing. The Health Ministry says that they are tackling the cases and many high-risk areas are facing a partial lockdown that includes Catalonia and Aragon.

The whole country was under a complete lockdown from March to mid-June but now the ban has been lifted from many areas. Spain is among the initial country where coronavirus cases spread like anything. It has reported nearly 310,000 cases and 28,500 deaths so far and the daily cases are still over 1000, on average.

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