Spain Introduces New Restrictions to Control New Coronavirus Cases

New Coronavirus Cases

Spain has imposed new guidelines and restrictions to stop New Coronavirus Cases in two major parts of the country. These restrictions include a partial ban on outdoor smoking and temporary closure of the clubs and discos. The restrictions were imposed on Sunday.

Two areas of Spain, La Rioja and Murcia are under these restrictions. The Health Minister of Spain Salvador Illa shared last week that the whole country is trying its best to control the new coronavirus cases nationwide.

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Under these new provisions, all discos, dancing clubs, and night clubs will be closed for some time. all restaurants, cafes are bars are to be closed by 1 am or before. No guests or diners will be allowed in the midnight till next opening time.

The government has also put a limit to visit the local retirement homes and nursing homes in these two areas. Smoking outdoors is also prohibited and everyone is advised to maintain at least two meters distance if they want to smoke.

The smoking ban and some other common restrictions are already imposed in 17 regions of the country including the Canary Islands as well as Galicia. The regional governments are planning to implement a new coronavirus case prevention plan within a few days.

A neighbor of La Rioja, Basque is taking a step higher and imposing a local health emergency in it. This declaration will allow the local bodies to take practical and meaningful measures while controlling the virus.

The regional management is all set to put a restriction on public gatherings exceeding a limit. In high-risk areas, they are also establishing some confinement centers to help people recover from it.

To this day, more than 28,000 people have lost their lives to the deadly coronavirus in Spain. From mid-March to mid-June, the country was under an emergency state while the federal government imposed lockdown and other restrictions all across the country to control new coronavirus cases.

Eventually, the lockdown and ban are lifted or eased, the regional management and authorities are expected to control the new cases now. The health ministry of Spain is in talks to discuss new controlling measures for the virus.

A country of more than 47 million population, Spain has a high infection rate of 110 coronavirus cases per 100,000 people. It is much higher than almost all other European countries.

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Spain has become the first country that had imposed the strictest lockdown in Europe after the number of coronavirus cases significantly rose in March. The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control has confirmed this infection day rate to be 100/100,000 which makes it only behind Luxembourg in entire Europe.

This number is even higher than France and Italy’s infection rate of 32 days which is nearly 8.2/100,000.

But the deaths are relatively right now despite an increase in new cases. Surprisingly, these new cases are less than 65 years old which is opposite to the health authorities report saying the risk is highest for the older people.

Despite an increase in new cases, the hospitalization rates are much lower and the recovery rate is high. It suggests that public health measures such as social distancing and partial lockdown will be enough to prevent more cases of coronavirus in Spain.

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