Skin Rashes May Be A Sign Of Coronavirus in Kids and Adults

coronavirus in kids

Parents who are worried about the symptoms of coronavirus in kids as more and more schools reopen in the country despite risks, here are some skin rashes to look out for that may suggest infection.

Around 8 different kinds of skin rashes could indicate coronavirus in people especially more so in children. Doctors, therefore, are keen on informing parents and the general public about the latest symptom of coronavirus in kids as well as adults. As more and more schools are being affected by a coronavirus and are being told to self-isolate as a result, this information is particularly important to know about.

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The latest virus outbreaks are alarming the government so much so that the prime minister Boris Johnson has asked for several measures during an address with the public in an attempt to control the coronavirus infections and avoid a second national lockdown in the UK.

On Tuesday till 4 pm as many as 4,926 people were infected with the coronavirus in the country, during this time there were also a total of 37 deaths. In total the country has seen 41,825 deaths from coronavirus post 28 days of taking a test while 403,551 have caught the coronavirus infection.

According to compiled 400 photographs that indicate 8 different kinds of rashes link to coronavirus in kids as well as adults, by the British Association of Dermatologists and King’s College London, this is a new symptom to look out for.

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The medical research so far thinks of such rashes to have a discernable link to the novel virus.

The eight types of rashes are as follows:

  • Urticaria or Hive-like rash: this appears in the form of bumps over any body part and is also itchy.
  • Chicken-pox like or prickly heat rash: This is seen mostly on knees and elbows, including at the back of feet or hands.
  • COVID Toe: This shows up as purple or red bumps on the toes or fingers that feel very sore.
  • Pityriasis rosea: This appears as a temporary rash with reddish patches that look rather scaly. This can appear in any age group but is usually more noticed in young adults and older children.
  • Chest and Neck Eczema
  • Purpuric: the rash looks include spots of red on the skin. Unlike other kinds of spots filled rashes, this one does not fade once you press your skin. The best way to see if you have it is through a drinking glass or using a see-through object.
  • Exanthem: This one looks like symmetrical rashes that include bumps or red blotches, accompanying this rash one may also feel a viral illness.

If you experience any of the above rashes it is advised that you see a doctor or opt to get tested for the novel coronavirus. If you have kids, take extra precautions and encourage them to tell you if they see any unusual redness on the body.

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