Six Feet Distance is Not Helpful to Prevent the Viral Transmission

six feet distance

Its been months that pandemic is around and without any medicine or vaccine, the only possible way to control the viral spread is by following certain precautions. Health experts have suggested six feet distance to maintain whenever in public but the new research has presented that this distance is not sufficient to avoid the virus completely.

A new study published in the journal The BMJ reports that six feet distance is not enough to follow the perfect idea of social distancing. According to them, this distance is only a general recommendation and it may be different for people whenever they are talking to someone, waiting in line for groceries or hearing someone sing. It is also different for indoor and outdoor experiences.

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Dr. Emily Landon from the University of Chicago Medicine shares that this study is significant in terms of giving a better picture of social distancing. Although most of the health experts suggest that six feet distance is enough but it may not work for everyone.

She also said that coronavirus transmits from one person to another through airborne droplets. In this case, these droplets don’t make it ahead six feet in which case, this distance is enough. But the viral transmission is also possible through the aerosols but how fat do they do, it is uncertain.

The research team has made an easy to understand chart which elaborates how much risk is there in an outdoor and indoor environment. It also tells how much the risk stands if a person is using a mask.

Dr. Landon says that this report suggests how to calculate the risk to contract the virus. For example, how many people are around a person and how big is a setup. Based on this information, a person can determine how far should he stand or sit from other people around him.

Dr. Michael Lin from the Rush University Medical Center says that this chart is a great help for people. But some people may feel a little overburdened that they have to do this risk assessment too in addition to wearing the mask and taking care of hand hygiene.

It may look complicated at first but once a person figures it, it is not something hard to follow. However, it requires to be clear about this message deliverance.

There is another thing to mention here; maintaining a distance is the only way to control the viral transmission. The time period during which a person is together with another person is also an important thing.

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Time for which two people are together and time spent in communication is vital to predicting the risk. Even if the social distance is maintained and these other factors are higher than average, the chances of transmitting the virus are still highest.

Another ignored factor is the ventilation system. Usually, in outdoor spaces, there is an unlimited supply of fresh air so the chances of the virus being in close proximity are low. Meanwhile, indoor locations often trap pathogens including the coronavirus. So all enclosed spaces i.e. hospitals, offices, cinemas are a hub of viral transmission.



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