Six Confirmed Deaths by Coronavirus in the USA, Virus Continues to Spread


The deaths caused by a novel coronavirus in the USA have reached to six, as that of Monday. All of these cases were reported from Washington, as the health officials confirmed it. It suggests that this viral outbreak has only affected the Pacific Northwest until now.

Out of these six cases, five belonged to King county which is a huge state inhibiting approximately 700,000 people. The sixth case was reported from Snohomish county. Jeff Duchin is a health officer at King county. He says that;

“Although most of the cases will be mild or moderate, the infection can cause serious illness and there’s a potential for many people to become ill at the same time.”

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There are four new cases of coronavirus, all of which emerged from the same nursing center. It has made the total number of coronavirus cases in the USA to exceeded 90 cases. More than half of these infected people had some link with traveling to China or the famous coronavirus infected Japanese cruises ship.

Dow Constantine is an officer from King County. In his statement, he shared that the administration is considering to buy a motel where it can put people in isolation for a few days so that detection of coronavirus is made possible. He added; “We have to move to a new stage in the fight to contain, mitigate and manage this outbreak.”

The governor of New York’s governor Andrew Cuomo has already warned that in case of coronavirus, it is “inevitable” for this virus to infect the international financial hub as the first case is reported in a healthcare officer who recently traveled to Iran. He told in his statement to the media that;

“There is no doubt that there will be more cases. This is New York—we’re a gateway to the world”. Also said; “People are going to test positive, not just one or two or three or five, there will be many who test positive.”

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He also shared details of a recent patient who is a 39-year-old woman diagnosed with coronavirus on the weekend. However, her symptoms were mild and she is currently under treatment in isolation at her home. There are high chances for her husband to be tested positive too but there is no confirmation yet.

Upon asking if this woman has potentially infected more people, he said that she was “very aware of her situation” and she didn’t travel in any public transport and took a private cab to travel from airport to her home last week. He says that “she did textbook everything right. We don’t believe she was contagious on the airplane or in the car.”

US President Donald Trump set a meeting in the White House with top pharmaceutical companies to discuss the possible treatment and vaccine development against coronavirus. Before these talks began, President Trump tweeted; “Progress being made!” which shows that the US is trying to find a permanent solution for coronavirus.

To this date, coronavirus has taken 3000 lives globally where the majority of the cases are from China. Approximately 90,000 people are infected while the virus has been confirmed in  60 countries of the world.



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