Should You Get Third Dose of Covid-19 Vaccine Or Not?

Covid-19 vaccine third dose

Most Covid-19 vaccines were designed to work in two doses but there is news on a third booster dose for already vaccinated people. The delta variant continues to spread, infecting more people in various parts of the world. Due to this widespread, the pharmaceutical companies are suggesting introducing the third dose of the Covid-19 vaccine to boost the effects of the previous two doses. This third dose would be provided to people who have already completed their vaccination (two doses).

According to the health experts, it is probably not the right time to know whether people need a third dose for the Covid-19 vaccine or not. Some of them believe it would be unfair because many parts of the world have not received even the first dose yet.

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The public response on this third Covid-19 vaccine dose is mixed. Since Pfizer announced its plans on introducing the third dose, at the start of this month, there are various theories circulating on the internet. At one side, some people believe it makes sense and this third dose will make the vaccines work against the delta variant too. Still some propaganda groups are calling it a tactics from pharmaceutical companies to maintain the pandemic terror.

In its statement, Pfizer said that this third dose is designed to provide better immunity to already vaccinated people. These two doses, provided initially will protect against the severe signs of Covid-19 for at least six months. But considering how the virus keeps on changing and new variants are launched; it is necessary to boost the immune system too so that the body can get maximum protection.

Anthony Fauci, a leading infectious diseases expert who is also the chief medical advisor at the White House said in his recent interview to CNBC that Pfizer’s suggestion for the third Covid-19 vaccine dose is appropriate. Yet there are many people who are waiting for their first and second dose and ensuring everyone gets the third dose too may be challenging.

For now, there is no news from the medical agencies on this third dose suggestion for already vaccinated people. According to The European Medicines Agency and the European Centre for Disease Control making this decision is too early. There is not much information on how vaccine campaigns are working and there are no studies to estimate how long would the two doses of Covid-19 vaccines last. Without knowing this, estimate the need and availability of the third dose for the Covid-19 vaccine is probably before time.

There is also a possibility that these booster dose talks may change the response to vaccine campaigns especially in countries where vaccine availability is still a problem. On the other side, some countries i.e., Israel, France and Hungry have shared plans to provide a third booster dose for the citizens within a few weeks. But one thing to remember is that Hungry and all these countries have an active vaccination program. Hungry, alone has vaccinated a majority of its population using the Russian and Chinese vaccines that were easily available, instead of waiting for Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca.

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Countries that have already started work on the third dose of the Covid-19 vaccine have plans to prioritize people with low immunity, underlying medical conditions, organ transplant patients and other vulnerable groups. France, which is starting the third dose program soon has shared those two doses are not enough for immunosuppressed people and the third dose is vital. Israel, on the other hand, supported it because of the sudden increase in Covid-19 cases recently recognizing the risk for immunocompromised patients.

The booster campaign for the covid-19 vaccine will start within a few weeks with the aim to vaccinate a maximum number of people by the end of this year. There is still not much data to support or deny the importance of the third dose, but due to the continuous mutations and the risks attached, it may appear reasonable to do it. For younger people, the booster dose campaign is still under discussion and on the basis of pandemic progression, it will be decided later.



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