Self-Induced Abortions at Home Can Kill You

self-induced abortions
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Self-induced abortions are common but they are not always a safe choice to make. The recent case of a mother from the UK is an example of how these abortion pills can damage a woman’s health. This anonymous woman was in her 28th week of pregnancy, four weeks late for the legal limit for abortion.

She used the abortion pills under the “pills by post” which is a program of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service in the UK. This program was initially launched in April 2020 when the country lifted the restrictions on using these abortion medicines. It was to make abortion more accessible and easier for women.

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Right now other women who were a part of this program and used it after passing the 10-week abortion limit are now under investigation.

Previously, these self-induced abortion pills were taken under a doctor’s supervision in a clinic for the first two pills. But this program delivers these pills at door after an e-consultation. The health experts believe that it is like putting all women’s health at risk by allowing them to induce an abortion without medical supervision.

Alithea Williams, from the Society for the Protection of the Unborn, UK said in a webinar that it is indeed dangerous. This telephonic consultation might not be right for many women which could end up putting their lives in danger.

She further said that the domestic violence cases are at a peak during this pandemic period. With zero involvement from the doctors, there is a high chance that the husbands or boyfriends are forcing this abortion on women. It may not be the women’s own choice.

These abortions at home can make any women traumatized. Courtney Barnes from Kent says that she along with her boyfriend decided to use these pills during this coronavirus pandemic. The couple already has three daughters, the youngest one of which is only one year old. It was absolutely unaffordable for them to have a fourth baby which is why they agreed on home abortion.

Courtney took these abortion pills in May and spent the entire day and night in pain. It was a lot worse than what she knew would happen. And the worst thing was; that after days of pain, she was still pregnant. This means the self-induced abortion didn’t fulfill its purpose.

Life Charity is a British organization that counsels and provides supplies to all pregnant and new mommies. It operates online and the counseling takes place through phone. Liz Parsons, one of the staff members at Life Charity says that they often receive calls from women after going through an abortion. The emotional stress and pain are a lot more than what it looks like.

These women want to discuss the after-effects of abortion. Because honestly, not many of them even think about what would happen next, after the abortion is complete.

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Although abortion looks like a simple thing. Just take one pill and the pregnancy would end. But sadly, it is not the case. Parsons says that the reason why more and more women are coming to them for help shows that it is not something that they expected. Abortion is not just a physical but also emotional trauma that requires help.

British Pregnancy Advisory Service says that these self abortive pills are safe for all women. But still, there is a high chance that this simple abortion could turn into a big complication. There is a nearly 2% chance of incomplete fetus removal, 2/1000 cases of hemorrhage, and 1/100,000 risk of mother’s death. Considering these numbers, it is obvious that self-induced abortion is extremely risky. The best is to consult a doctor and take the pills under expert medical supervision in a clinic.



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