Publication Introduces Non-Invasive Testing for Aneuploidy Risks in Twin Pregnancies

Natera incorporation is a leading name in the genome testing facility, cell-free DNA testing, and it announced the results of successful Cell-free DNA testing in the Journal of Prenatal Diagnosis. The study demonstrated that the measurement of the single fetal fraction along with the zygosity under reporting offers a powerful insight into the precision and authenticity of the aneuploidy results.

Panorama thus wins the spot for being the one of its kind prenatal test which is not invasive and reports about the zygosity of twins as well as the individual fetal fractions in the case of dizygotic pregnancy.

The research focused on analyzing the Panorama results in a cohort group of 126,061 cases of pregnant mothers, out of which 3.7 per cent of moms were going to have twins. The research is about representing the public proof that the DNA contribution from the side of every twin in the case of dizygotic pregnancy can be diversified on a wide scale.

In the case that fetal fractions are discreet, the induced signal from the side of the dominant twin obstructs and overlaps the signal coming from the other twin. As a result, Non-invasive twin testing offers a combination of a fetal fraction and it does not assess the fetal fraction on individual scale in dizygotic pregnancies might not be able to find a state in the other twin, and might potentially elevate the chance of false negative result.

The capacity to precisely find about the zygosity in the case of twin pregnancies, and the case of fetal fraction in dizygotic pregnancy, is a huge development in the twin pregnancy management according to the incorporation.

The Non-Invasive tests not reporting both cases of pregnancy might be less authentic in evaluating the chance of an aneuploidy in some of the twins.

The SNP technology of Panorama has a lot of benefits that include assessment of the twins that are not matched through different methodologies.

Despite the case of having twin pregnancy is as low as 3 to 4 per cent out of the total pregnancy chance, the new clinical finding has shown an important step towards assisting physicians in many ways that was not possible before.

The incorporation has recently accomplished 20 publications covering a total number of more than 1.2 million individuals going under observation and treatment.

The differentiated assay as well as the portfolio in the market are some contributing factors to the success of the organization when it comes to data collection and methodologies. You can find the study regarding polymorphism based NIPT in twin pregnancy here.

About Panorama

The organization shows the risk of the baby for the development of severe diseases related to genetic abnormalities in as less as nine weeks of gestation. The non invasive test employs a unique single nucleotide polymorphism technology, also known as the SNP for the analysis of the DNA of the baby gotten via the blood from the mom. At present time, it is the only testing system that assesses the chance of aneulopidy in case of twin pregnancy.

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