Experts At byACRE Suggest Holiday Season Is Important For Discussing Mobility Loss

Recently, different companies have stated concerns about health during the holiday season, including byACRE, which is a Danish company that manufactures modern-style mobility aids such as rollators, that announced this time of the year to be important for discussing and helping people who suffer from issues related to mobility.

In accordance with the U.S. Census Bureau, mobility issues are the number one cause of disabilities in the older adult population. At the same time, there is an increasing number of people who are having similar problems from other age group rollator due to the rise in the cases of particular conditions related to the muscles and bones.

Many people may see a relative or a friend who has developed a disability for the first time during these holidays. Therefore, experts on mobility loss from byACRE state that discussion on this topic is recommended in this time period. This is also because of events and celebrations usually require a lot of movement for socialization and other purposes.

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The managing director of aging services of CARF International, Jed Johnson, mobility is one of the most life-changing effects associated with aging yet it is often overlooked. He adds that many of the adults in the United States either simply do not recognize the symptoms of mobility loss on time or are too hesitant to bring it up in a conversation.

This is often the reason why it is almost never discussed even though mobility loss can not only affect the lifestyle of the person himself but also those around him. The person may feel socially isolated which is further linked to a number of health conditions including depression.

In a similar way, the issue may lead to social problems as the person may become completely or partially dependent on the people around him or her for performing even the most trivial activities. To avoid such a problem, awareness about mobility and its early signs is needed.

For the family of the person who has or may have mobility issues in the future, Johnson suggests that noticing small signs such as changes activity levels, stamina, and other lifestyle factors can be recognized by anyone. Early detection can potentially help in the diagnosis of any particular condition contributing to the issue as well as treat or delay it for a longer time.

The next step to discussion and recognition of the person’s mobility loss is to get the right mobility aid such as those manufactured by byACRE. Unlike other aids, the rollator and walker from the company are designed in a more stylish and contemporary way.

The usage of such designs can help the affected person feel more included. Furthermore, many of the products are more easy-to-use. For instance, the Carbon Ultralight design by the company is the lightest rollator in the world and weighs only 10.5 pounds.

Anders Berggreen, who is the founder of byACRE, says that the company’s aim is to reduce the stigma around using mobility aids. The company has recently launched its products to Canada and the United States.

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