World Health Organization Alarms about New Coronavirus Cases in Europe

new coronavirus cases in Europe

The World Health Organization has warned people about the new coronavirus cases in Europe that are on the rise again. Apparently, the coronavirus cases in Europe have met a new standard after nearly 54,000 cases were reported in a single day.  Hans Kluge the regional director of WHO for Europe has called it the September surge urging people to be more responsible towards going in public.

The World Health Organization has shown concern over the rapidly increasing new cases of coronavirus in Europe which are no less than a ‘wake-up’ call for everyone. Countries on the other side have to change their control strategies without scaring the public.

These numbers suggest that the public needs more attention than it already has. It also implies that comprehensive testing has to be done to know who is infected and is infecting more people without even realizing it.

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The regional director said that these numbers of cases show that Europe has a high transmission rate and it requires real action, during an online conference.

All across Europe, countries are trying to control the new cases of coronavirus while avoiding potential damage to public health and the national economy. Some of the countries have even implied new pandemic restrictions to control the infection.

The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a new measure that will be imposed by the end of this week in order to control the second wave of coronavirus in the country. some areas such as the northeast areas of the country are under a lockdown where people are not allowed to go in public or maintain social interactions due to potential coronavirus spread.

The British government is under huge criticism for not being able to test more people, and recently it has put a ban on gatherings of six or more people. There are almost 42,000 deaths reported from the UK which makes it the worst-hit country in Europe.

On the other side, Spain has also reduced public mobility and imposed a ban on social interactions especially in the areas where the infectious spread is highest.

Austria has also imposed a ban on all indoor gatherings that exceed more than 10 people. It applies to everything including private gatherings, parties, and weddings too. Sebastian Kurz, the Austrian chancellor has concerned that the country may experience the second wave of coronavirus soon.

Other than European countries, Israel is the only country which is imposing a countrywide shutdown for the second time to control the new coronavirus cases. The government has also recalled its citizens that are trapped at borders to return to their homes.

WHO urges every country to follow extra control measures expecting a second wave of coronavirus to be around soon. Everyone who has traveled to any area with high coronavirus prevalence is required to be in a mandatory quarantine period so that they don’t infect other people.

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Based on the understanding of coronavirus, WHO advises to rely on what is already known. Unless a vaccine is not here, it is hard to say when will the world become coronavirus free. Even with so many leading pharma companies working on vaccine production, there are no chances for the vaccine to be around till next year.

Although Russia has already launched its coronavirus vaccine many health experts are concerned over ethical boundaries. For now, following the standard control measures would help to control the spread of coronavirus.




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