Parents are Concerned Over Safety Level of  ‘Baby Facemasks’ Which May Suffocate Their Child

Baby Facemasks

Facemask is one of the preventive measures that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends to ditch coronavirus. It is added as a compulsory part of everyone who steps into any public place. The UK is enforcing a mandatory rule of wearing facemask for shoppers and travelers while parents are worried about the safety levels of their kids who use baby facemasks.

This pandemic has hit the economy hard and many small businesses are closed. But it has also empowered innovative businesses mainly that deliver something that helps during this pandemic. One of them is the facemask industry which is making a huge success, considering everyone needs a facemask now.

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The latest addition to these facemasks list is the baby facemasks which are tiny, attractive, and comfy masks designed for little babies. The other standard size facemasks are too big for children, understanding which various companies have launched small size masks for kids.

Medical experts have shared a warning over these ‘baby facemasks’ which may not be a suitable option for the kids. The official rules on face mask apply to everyone except those who have a legitimate reason for not wearing it. and this category includes young children.

Despite this warning, there are so many babies forced to wear baby facemasks in public which are basically cloth coverings.

There is a heated discussion on social media regarding the safety of these facemasks for babies. One Facebook group Pendle Family Zone which offers services on family wellbeing discussed this new trend. On this post, hundreds of people added comments; some of which found it a cute new fashion trend. Others were concerned with health safety as babies are not capable of carrying themselves well.

This looks like a genuine concern that wearing these masks may suffocate the babies.

The Lullaby Trust UK works on awareness on the “sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)” calling that usage of these baby facemasks may be unnecessary. Whether they are infected or not, there is no compulsion to use these face masks on babies. In fact, using them can put their health to risk as they are much likely to suffocate inside that cloth mask.

In the UK, children below the age of 11 years are not confined to wear a mask under the official guidelines. People are condemning this new babyface mask culture calling it ‘pointless’ and ‘ridiculous’.

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People belonging to the categories are exempted from wearing a mask in the UK.

  • Children below 11 years of age
  • People with physical or mental retardation/disability or any impairment
  • Those who get distressed while wearing masks
  • Travelers who need to communicate
  • Those who are at risk of any type of injury
  • During eating or drinking anything
  • For medication purpose
  • On request of the police to remove the mask

While the guidelines clearly say that toddlers and newborns don’t have to wear a mask like adults, there is no point to make them wear a mask. This new trend of baby facemask is more of a fashion status than a medical requirement. Parents are worried about their child’s health more than his outlook, which is why most parents are against the usage of these specialized masks for children.


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