Parental Negligence or Accident? Mother Ran Over Her 3-years Old Daughter and Killed Her

parental negligence

A toddler has been hit by a car driving by her mother in a park located in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. The young girl has been identified as Lina who was accidentally killed by her mother driving an SUV and trying to park. The family was gathered to attend a birthday party of the girl’s aunt at this park. The law acknowledges such accidents as parental negligence, but was it really negligence or just an accident?

Lina got excited to see her mother and ran towards her while the mother was driving an SUV and trying to park the car. With this hit, Lina was knocked down to the ground. This incident has created chaos in the entire community.

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Many witnesses report that the girl was trying to meet her mommy but unfortunately got hit by her. She was immediately taken to the Wilkes Barre General Hospital however she couldn’t be saved by the doctors.

The whole family was gathered in the local park as they were celebrating the 18th birthday of Lina’s aunt. The witnesses confirmed that it was an accident and the mother didn’t know that the girl is near the car. They have no idea how Lina made it to there.

There was a huge noise, children were screaming making it hard to understand what has just happened. An eye witness says that this whole situation was scary and confusing at the same time. So it is hard to say if it was parental negligence or accident.

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The witnesses are also shaken by this incident. The little girl Lina was everyone’s favorite and according to her aunty, she was a beautiful and smart child way above her age.

People who live close to this park have shared their concerns on how the road drivers are somehow playing a role in incidents like this. Despite having the road signs of the park, they don’t follow the speed limit and often exceed the recommended speed. Many of them even choose to completely ignore the stop signs on the road.

This weekend, close friends and family members of the deceased girl gathered at this same park to mourn their loss. The memorial took place at the park and the balloons were released into the sky in her memory.

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Many people call such incidents just an ‘accident’ while others consider it parental negligence. In case a child is injured, it is their parents who are to be questioned first. In case of accidents, finding who to blame is hard and if a parent is involved, it gets harder.

The U.S civil law accepts lawsuits and claims for personal injuries of a child, caused by the parents or the local guardians of him. In the case of a minor child, this is termed “negligent supervision” and could be possibly brought against a parent, under different scenarios.

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