North Dakota Coronavirus Death Toll Crosses 800

north dakota coronavirus death toll

The second wave of coronavirus in the US has caused multiple outbreaks in the past weeks, leading to nearly all states mandating face masks in outdoor spaces and considering coronavirus restrictions once again. Among all states, the North Dakota coronavirus death toll has been the highest with a very high risk of it increasing even further.

The governor of the state, Doug Burgum, commented on the situation on the ninth of November, saying that cases are increasing at an alarming rate.

The first coronavirus outbreak happened in North Dakota during spring. Till October, lockdown and related restrictions helped to keep cases under control to an extent. Before the latest stats came out, the total number of cases in the state were five thousand.

However, from the nineteenth of October to the ninth of November, there were multiple coronavirus outbreaks. As the second wave started, the cases increased from five thousand to ten thousand in a time period of less than a month.

In a press conference, Governor Burgum emphasized this very concern. He specifically highlighted how it only took three weeks for cases to double to show the rate of transmission of the virus.

Secondly, there was a further emphasis on the high mortality rates. The North Dakota coronavirus death toll is currently very high. In fact, it is said that the state is one of the worst-hit even at a global level.

According to the statistics from the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, North Dakota currently has 107 deaths per 100,000 people.

In total, the state has around  824 deaths and over seventy-thousand active infections. Latest reports on the healthcare system of the state show that over four hundred people are also hospitalized.

Even though North Dakota has had a rising number of cases for months, masks have only been mandated now due to the high mortality rates.

In addition to the lack of coronavirus preventive measures, other factors have also contributed to the state’s growing number of coronavirus cases.

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For instance, the majority of the population not only remains susceptible to the virus but is at risk of a severe form of infection. This is because Native Americans, who are an at-risk group and five times more likely to die from coronavirus form a major portion of the population.

On top of that, North Dakota also has very limited medical resources in comparison with other states. The shortage of medical staff, primarily nurses, in hospitals is one of the top contributors to the high death toll.

Thirdly, a problem that has been seen in other states is also common in North Dakota as well. Pandemic fatigue is affecting people all over the globe and the residents of the state are no exception.

People are indeed not taking coronavirus restrictions as seriously as they did before. Until summer, the majority were staying home, wearing masks, and practicing social distancing.

Ever since lockdowns were lifted and restrictions were eased in the summer, many are finding it hard to return to restricted lifestyles. While it is normal to be tired of the effects of the ongoing health crisis, it is important to remember that neglecting guidelines for prevention will only prolong it further.

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