Itchy Skin May be a Sign of Coronavirus Infection

Image by Anastasia Gepp from Pixabay

The coronavirus pandemic now has 112,046,995 confirmed cases around the world with over two million deaths and thousands of new infections every day. Even though it has been a year since the virus outbreaks started, the vast majority remains susceptible to the infection.

However, there is now much more awareness regarding the virus, its symptoms, and its management. For instance, most people know about the basic coronavirus signs including runny nose, coughing, difficulty in breathing, fever, fatigue, and body pains.

While these symptoms are most commonly diagnosed, there are also a number of other signs which have been seen in patients across the world such as ulcerations in the mouth or gastrointestinal problems.

Other reports have also shown skin-related problems and vision changes. In children, one distinctive symptom of coronavirus infection has been ‘Covid toes’ or formation of blisters under feet.

Although such issues are not as talked about as others, they are seen in a lot of people as well. The lack of discussion on these issues, according to health experts, is a major problem.

Since many are not aware of Covid toes or mouth ulceration, they do not think they have the virus. As a result, they do not quarantine or seek medical help and develop severe coronavirus infection.

In addition, even if they do not develop more serious associated complications of the virus, they transmit the virus to other people. Therefore, many experts have voiced their concerns about less common symptoms of coronavirus.

Now, there is a discussion regarding another potential sign of coronavirus infection on the internet. Itchiness on the skin is a problem that is prevalent in people who develop skin-related problems due to the infection.

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Usually, patients who develop skin problems during the infection are diagnosed with vascular dermatosis or skin vasculitis.

Skin lesions in coronavirus infection can also be a result of other complications associated with the virus such as perivascular lymphocytic infiltrate, C5b-9 deposits, and endothelial and microvascular cell injuries.

All of these problems can cause discomfort and pain depending on the severity of the symptoms. Secondly, some patients may also experience pruritus or itching on their skin on affected body parts.

In a Spanish study on dermatological issues in coronavirus infection, most patients were reported to have maculopapular eruptions. Over fifty percent of the people with different forms of maculopapular eruptions also experienced itching.

Similarly, vesicular eruptions in patients were accompanied by discomfort and itching in many of the cases.

Both of these skin problems can also appear during infection without any other conventional symptom of the virus. Even though they have been well-documented, dermatological issues are not known by the majority.

Consequently, people with itching and aforementioned skin rashes or lesions are mostly not aware of having the infection. This can contribute to outbreaks in the future and hamper the progress over the pandemic.

Now that new strains of the coronavirus are spreading throughout the world, more awareness regarding uncommon symptoms of the infection is important to prevent further spread.


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