Natural Foods to Heal a Gut Damaged by Excessive Antibiotics

foods for damaged gut

Gut health plays an important role in governing overall health and immunity and any damage to gut health is likely to affect the whole body. The use of antibiotics has increased over the years and the easy availability of antibiotics and self-medication has given rise to antibiotic overdosing. In most cases, it kills the culprit behind the disease but it also affects gut health putting the health at high risk. Surprisingly, this damaged gut can be healed with some natural foods that everyone should know.

Most people picture the ‘gut’ as their ‘stomach’ but it is not just that. Gut means the complete digestive system which is a whole network of organs, muscle cells, and systems connected.

The function starts from the oral cavity where saliva production is among the vital roles of the gut. All the way through the esophagus to the stomach and then to the small and large intestine, pancreas connected with liver and gallbladder and ending up at rectum and excretion from the anus, it goes all along.

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A damaged gut is an invitation to numerous health problems which may show up if this damage is not repaired. The common problems which may hit a person with gut damage include irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease.

Antibiotics are medicines that kill nasty bacteria. Using these chemically made compounds attacks a pathogen and inhibits its growth and spread. this way it treats bacterial infection.

It gives the impression that antibiotics are good for health. indeed, they are good for health but no one should ignore the potential of antibiotics overdosing. The U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shares a warning to the public regarding antibiotic safety otherwise leading to antibiotic resistance and other long term side effects.

Fortunately, a damaged gut can be improved with different types of food sources that heal this damage naturally. This may not be a sudden or fast action but changing the dietary pattern speeds up the natural healing, increasing the chances of gut repairing without using more medicines. However, diet alone doesn’t help in chronic conditions where the gut is completely collapsed or perforated.

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Using a probiotic supplement is probably the best way to change the gut microbiome thus heal a damaged guy by food. Probiotics are a combination of beneficial bacteria that increase the colonization of good bacteria in the gut, allowing them to overcome bad bacteria. There are many companies that make probiotic supplements and the best approach is to use the one recommended by your healthcare practitioner.

In addition to the supplements, certain probiotic foods such as kombucha, kefir, miso also offer great help. Adding high fiber foods in your diet also makes sure to heal a damaged gut with food only. Unlike supplements and fermented food, it doesn’t provide probiotics or prebiotics to the body but it actually fuels these beneficial bacteria in the gut.

Try to use plant-based fiber-rich foods which is a natural way to improve gut health. But if a person is diagnosed with a medical condition, relying on the diet alone is not going to provide much help, and may need medicinal help as well.

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