Weight Loss with Adele’s Favorite Sirtfood Diet

Sirtfood Diet Adele
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The famous singer Adele has recently shared her secret of weight loss which is none other than sirtfood diet.  After her interview was aired, thousands of people have searched about this diet plan hoping to find an easy way to lose weight.

The sirtfood diet of Adele was initially introduced by two UK based nutritionists in the year 2016. This special diet relies on certain types of proteins which are named sirtuins. These sirtuins play an important part in digestion, inflammatory response, and aging of the body cells. So feeding the body with certain types of plant-based food can accelerate their progress.

The phytonutrients, also called polyphenols are naturally occurring compounds that are necessary for the plant’s growth. There is no study detailing how these compounds help in human health but scientists assume that their role is promising.

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This whole concept of eating foods that have a high amount of phenols in them is called following a sirtfood diet which Adele has also followed. Eating this type of diet speeds up metabolism, increasing the body’s ability to burn fat and end up with an amazing weight loss transformation.

The foods which are eaten in sirtfood diet are; kale, berries, apples, soybean, red wine, olive oil, matcha tea, dark chocolate, onions, and others. Some people get surprised to see that chocolate and red wine are allowed in this diet because normally, weight-loss diets don’t encourage these two.

There are two phases of this diet which covers for three weeks. In the first three days of this diet, a person has to take up at least 4,200 kJ of energy per day which makes the daily calories to be around 1000.

To obtain these calories, a user can pick anything from the above-mentioned foods and beverages. In addition to that, one meal of chicken or kale curry is also allowed. From day four till day seven, the person is on a 1500 calories diet which should include 2-3 detox juices and 1-2 meals, to obtain 6,300 kJ of energy.

This completes the first week of the sirtfood diet.

In the next two weeks of the diet, the second phase starts where the energy should fall between 6,300-7,500 kJ obtained through 2-3 meals, one juice, and 1-2 snacks. There are many sirtfood recipes available online which can be followed.

Once these three weeks are passed, the person is asked to follow a healthy balanced diet that includes food ad juices. This diet plan works faster than many other diet plans and shows real results within three weeks.

This instant weight loss sounds fascinating but following this diet plan with honesty and motivation is more difficult than it appears. Overall, this diet plan encourages eating fresh food that has a high amount of nutrients i.e. antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals inside it. it improves skin texture, detoxification, and improves immunity.

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But this diet plan will only work if a person follows the standard energy guidelines. There is no junk, processed or fast food allowed.

Despite these immediate benefits, there are some limitations to this weight loss plan. What most people ignore while following a diet is the portion sizing. If red wine and chocolate are allowed in this diet, it doesn’t authorize people to consume them as much as they want. It is better to control the portion size and a daily limit.

This diet may not be suitable for anyone who has an underlying medical condition, mainly a digestive disorder. In that case, taking help from a nutritionist is advised.


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