Low-calorie Protein Shakes May Not Support Weight Loss

protein shakes weight loss

Protein shakes are an easy way to compensate for reduce calories and add nutrients that are essentially required by the body. But many people talk about the faster weight loss with protein shakes but is losing weight really this easy? Does substituting the routine breakfast with a protein shake help to lose extra weight? It is a lot more complicated than it sounds.

People on a weight loss journey often like to replace one of their meal, preferably breakfast with a low-calorie protein shake. It cuts a huge number of calories and a person assumes that he is losing weight. the typical idea of weight loss uses the ‘eat less burn more’ formula. According to this formula, using protein shakes should definitely trigger weight loss, but is it really the case?

Surprisingly, not all people who take protein shakes see a difference in their weight. It is because these shakes promote muscle building and bulking, not really triggering weight loss.

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Many nutritionists agree that protein shakes grow muscles, improve recovery time, and add up stamina. It supports the exercise routine of a person, making his or her results faster and long-lasting.

Protein is the key compound in muscle building and this increased muscle mass will burn more calories than routine. However, not all people who are trying to lose weight want a bulky body which is why protein shakes may not always be the best option for weight loss.

Protein shakes have lesser calories than a full-fledged meal but using them to lose weight should not be the preferred choice of any person. The health experts suggest trying to lose weight using whole foods at the start. While protein shakes could be used as a snack or a pre-workout drink to improve exercise.

Despite the fullness offered by these protein shakes, a person is more likely to feel hungry after taking them. It is because these shakes are not a meal. Replacing a meal with a shake doesn’t satisfy a person that he is consuming the energy required for his body. On the other side, eating the same amount of calories make a person more satisfied with eating.

All this suggests that using smoothies and protein shakes for weight loss can be really challenging as they are not as helpful as solid food for achieving satiety.

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The act of chewing and eating is more satisfactory and leads to long-term fulfillment and no hunger cravings between meals. But taking all this protein of a shake from dietary food sources is not possible. Still, using whole foods for weight loss is better, easier, and more convenient.

The nutrients inside these solid food sources make them a better choice as weight loss often changes the nutritional level. It is also possible for some people to fall for nutritional deficiencies so taking nutrition whole food sources overcomes that deficiency.

The health experts suggest taking help from a certified dietician or nutritionist to lose more weight in less time. Anything that promises immediate weight loss including the protein shake diet, despite being healthy, is not a wise idea.


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