Naked Home Cleaning Services- A Booming Business During the On-Going Pandemic 

naked home cleaning services

The C.E.O of the naked home cleaning services Nikki Belton shares that her demand has been increased ever since the lockdown was lifted. She also says that despite the on-going pandemic, scrubbing and cleaning the house is safe.

Nikki Belton is the developer and owner of The Naked Cleaning Company at the start of 2020. However, this naked home cleaning service was forced to shut after the virus hit the world, leading to imposing lockdowns in almost all parts of the UK.

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Nikki says that these naked cleaners are high in demand and their popularity is increasing every day, mainly because people have survived nearly half of the year in lockdown, with extreme mental stress. This could be a fun way to make them feel better after stressful times.

Nikki has hired so many cleaners for her naked home cleaning services which can do the vacuuming, scrubbing, dusting, and even cleaning the surfaces. The price of these services varies. Typically, the company charges £75 per hour for a topless cleaner or a cleaner in lingerie. It charges a whooping £95 per hour for providing cleaning services, fully naked. The mandatory safety gears such as gloves and masks are still worn.

The workers keep a distance of at least two meters from the clients while providing the services. Nikki, who prefers cleaning in lingerie says that wearing less clothes is actually helpful because there is no way for the virus to hide and increase the infection risk.

The 34-year-old owner Nikki from Plymouth says that this naked home cleaning services business is going very good and the demand for having naked cleaners has sky-rocketed after the UK lifted the lockdown.

For everyone who is struggling to keep up during this pandemic, the company is trying to make this pandemic less stressful and frightening as it actually is. The company only provides one cleaner at one time for one customer.

She calls this business to be stress-relieving, it can actually put a smile on the face of all customers and this work is just a job like other regular jobs, nothing more. After going through so much, a quirky service is nothing but just fun.

she remembers her experience of being in a lockdown where she was constantly feeling energy-less and awful and she is not the only only one who was feeling this way. Nikki related to most of these people who are stressful which is why she decided to help them make feel better about themselves.

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The naked home cleaning services aim to make the customer happy without engaging in an unprofessional thing. Nikki and her co-owner, Lianne Woolman changed their regular cleaning company charging £16.50/hour to offer naked cleaning services after realizing what people really want.

The services of The Naked Cleaning Company are mainly used by men, requesting for the naked women to clean their house. In a way, this company is helping people to feel less lonely in their houses. Some of the clients share that having a naked cleaner in their house is actually their very first social interaction after the lockdown and they are overwhelmed for these services.

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