Coronavirus Pandemic Reaches to 210 Countries of the World, Leaving 13 Million People Infected

210 Countries of the World

The coronavirus cases have spread to almost all major parts of the world, infecting 13 million people and 570,000 confirmed deaths in 210 Countries of the World.

The first cases of coronavirus were reported from China in the month of December but within a few weeks, it was spread internationally. The US has the highest number of cases and coronavirus deaths right now with Brazil, India, and Russia on later positions.

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The UK is at number six in this list while all these countries are trying to formulate a strategy to control the infectious spread.

The World Health Organization has warned the public that the situation would go worst if there is no plan of controlling this pandemic. There is only one way to overcome this situation and that is through a comprehensive strategy to prevent its transmission.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, World Health Organization’s Director-General said in a statement that there is no ‘returning’ back to normal life as there are many countries that are still not doing anything to control this virus.

This statement came forward after the coronavirus has infected 230,000 and 80% of these cases were reported from 10 countries only. Whereas the US, Russia, and India report most of these cases.

The international health experts are warning that nearly 120,000 people may lose their life to the virus if the situation remains the same. And the second wave of the virus would be even more deadly than the first wave.

Stephen Holgate from the Academy of Medical Sciences (AMS) the UK wrote research on the second wave of coronavirus. He wrote that this second wave might be a lot more serious than the first wave that we are going through right now.

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He says he is not predicting it but it may be a possibility considering the viral spread in 210 Countries of the World. The Academy of Medical Sciences (AMS) calls it a highly uncertain situation where the infection is evolving every day. However, in the worst situation, the cases may increase again from September.

Matt Hancock, the British Secretary of Health has confirmed that using a face mask will be compulsory in the UK, starting from July 24.

On the other side, the Australian government has made the restrictions even worse fearing another breakout in the country.

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While the fear of coronavirus’s second wave grows all over the world, different countries are considering imposing another lockdown to prevent it. In addition to this, the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises public to follow the standard preventive protocols to avoid transmitting and catching the virus.

It includes using a face mask while in public, following a good hand hygiene practice, and avoiding gathering of numerous people. In case someone suspects coronavirus symptoms, he is directed to immediately isolate himself and work on improving his immunity.

In case the symptoms persist, he is advised to seek immediate medical care, followed by warning all people whom he has closely interacted with to be aware of the symptoms. With new coronavirus pandemic regulation policies and personal responsibility, it may be possible to control the infectious spread. However, the information on second wave of coronavirus is still limited.



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