Lifestyle and Dietary Chances Can Save You from Migraines

diet and migraines

Thousands of people suffer from chronic migraines every day in different parts of the world, all of which follow a different diet and lifestyle. With such a high number of people affected, health experts are focused to control its occurrence with non-medicinal treatments i.e., with food and lifestyle changes. According to the health experts making these changes can significantly improve the onset of migraines and save from chronic episodes.

The first thing about managing migraines is to understand and identify the triggers. It is now known to everyone that migraines are a result of chemical changes in the brain, especially in the nerve cells. The triggers for these changes could be anything even the food that we eat on a daily basis as some experts believe MSM, a common flavor enhancer can cause sensitivity or trigger migraines in a person.

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It is true for a majority of the population as certain food additives are sometimes a culprit behind these pains. Those who frequently experience migraines or allergies are advised to keep a diet journal enlisting all information about their dietary intake. Sometimes tyramine a naturally occurring amino acid in food ingredients can also cause migraines and the common sources of it include chocolate, fermented foods, cheese, broad beans, etc.

People who have long working hours involving a lot of screen usage and sitting also experience back pain, neck pain, and migraines because of their posture. This special type of pain source is called ‘tech neck’ posture and is acknowledged as a key link to trigger pain.

now as the world is going through a pandemic period and most of the people are working from home things like a bad posture or long sitting hours can be avoided. It is necessary to take breaks, walk every now and then, give your shoulder and back a rest whenever possible. Regularly moving has enormous health benefits, let alone physical benefits. In addition to this, slow intensity and low-impact workouts or physical activities can improve posture and make a person active and energetic throughout this working phase.

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Another way to lower the occurrence of migraines is by improving gut health through changes in diet. Many times migraines co-exist with digestive signs showing these two have a connection. Some new research evidence suggests that gut bacteria might also be involved in headaches and migraines.

Another factor that may be contributing to these pains is inflammation. The genetic predisposition of recurring migraines has revealed a link with inflammation mostly caused by poor gut health. Some health experts believe that inflammation affects a number of pathways that are taking place inside the body and brain and there are chances it can trigger migraines too.

In this situation, following an anti-inflammatory diet, especially rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and a variety of antioxidants, veggies, and fruits with flavor-enhancing medicinal herbs (ginger, cinnamon, turmeric) is ideal to prevent migraines.

Lastly, blood sugar control may also provide better control over recurring headaches and migraines. If a person takes a large proportion of sugar in the diet on a daily basis, cutting this sugar content may make a huge impact on migraine management.

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