Guideline on Non-medicinal Treatments For Covid-19

Non-medicinal Treatments For Covid-19

After spending more than one year in this pandemic, it is still way ahead of being controlled. Although there are medicines prescribed to the Covid-19 patients, there is no such medicine that could kill the virus and end the disease at once. So most of the treatments use pre-existing medicines that showed some help in managing the Covid-19 progression. In addition to these medicines, health experts suggest following non-medicinal Covid-19 treatments such as diet plan, yoga, and emotional well-being that increase the recovery rate of a patient.

Health experts advise to move more, eat less and surround yourself with positivity, love, and good vibes. All this saves from the post-Covid-19 anxiety and the risk of developing other diseases as the body is highly vulnerable and weak at this point.

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Usually, the deaths reported in Covid-19 patients are seen among people who had more than one chronic condition hitting them hard. Most doctors agree that cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, different types of cancers, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and various autoimmune diseases that often co-exist with Covid-19 are affected by diet and lifestyle. So any changes in the diet and lifestyle are most likely to save the body from this avoidable risk.

All these changes are collectively termed as non-medicinal treatments for Covid-19 and are prescribed to all patients along with medicinal options.

The lifestyle and dietary changes are so significant that they can even save a person from developing certain diseases and this same benefit could save the life of a person who is hospitalized with severe Covid-19 symptoms. These non-medicinal Covid-19 treatments include four things; diet, physical activity, mental wellbeing, and social connections.

Whatever you are eating affects your overall health and if it is a healthy, plant-based diet there are high chances of a faster recovery. The addition of any physical activity, for example, walking, swimming, strength training, along with stress levels, medication, and social connections all work as non-medicinal treatments for Covid-19.

And not just the Covid-19, these lifestyle changes can effectively lower the risk of all chronic diseases or it may also reverse diseases that increase the risk of death by Covid-19.

Previously, some large-scale studies provided the results that healthy lifestyle habits contribute to better immunity and up to 80% reduce the death risk by heart diseases. They also help 65% lowering the risk of cancer-related death and 74% risk of death caused by anything. There is also clear evidence suggesting how a healthy lifestyle and diet adds up to 12 years in a person’s life.

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On the other side, staying at home, isolation has affected the mental and physical health of people drastically, making them more likely to fall ill and die early as compared to people who have never experienced social and physical isolation for any reason. Feeling of being detached, lonely, and unhappy suppress immunity and may make people develop more diseases along with Covid-19.

Hence the non-medicinal Covid-19 treatments are equally important as the medicines and remedies that may kill the virus and save a person’s life. It is high time to acknowledge the significance of these changes and adopt them, whether you are at risk of Covid-19 or not.



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