Ginger Can Help Burning Visceral Belly Fat Leading to a Flat Stomach

Belly Fat ginger

The fat deposited in the abdominal cavity is referred to as visceral fat, and an excessive amount of this fat is linked with various health problems including diabetes type 2, cardiovascular diseases, insulin resistance, and cancers. Health experts suggest adding certain herbs and spices to an everyday diet that gradually lose this stubborn belly fat, one of which is ginger, which has proven scientific benefits for the body.

Ginger has proven benefits against obesity as it speeds up metabolism and triggers fat burn. Most research on ginger is based on its anti-inflammatory effect which also explains its potential role in removing belly fat. Some studies reveal its appetite control effects, saving the body from hunger pangs and making the person eat fewer calories than usual. On the other side, fixing issues in metabolism helps improving blood sugar levels that save the body from insulin resistance, the biggest reason behind its belly fat burning effects.

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One particular study analyzed obese women taking 1g of ginger powder as a supplement for twelve weeks and experienced a significant change in their belly fat. They also experienced a controlled appetite, changes in body measurements, and better insulin response as compared to the placebo group.

In a study from the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, obese and overweight patients also experienced changes in their weight after taking ginger for a few weeks. This study concluded that randomized controlled trials (RCTs) on obese patients given ginger extract helped to lower their body weight, slim the waist to hip ratio, improve insulin response, lower BMI, cholesterol and increase the immunity of the subjects.

This is true for natural ginger extract, ginger powder, and any supplement form of ginger too as all of it helps lowering fat, especially stubborn belly, and thigh fat.

The fat-burning effects of ginger are due to two major compounds called gingerols and shogaols. These two are linked with various biological activities in the body mainly those that affect fat accumulation and burning. Some studies indicate inflammation inside the body and oxidative stress are the two biggest triggers for obesity and both of which can be controlled by ginger compounds.

Not only ginger removes excessive belly fat but also saves the body from cardiovascular damage, diabetes, and obesity, which affect the quality of life.

All this is possible because of gingerols affecting various body functions. They are naturally enriched with anti-obesity effects; help to boost digestion and cleanse the colon from nasty bacteria that slow down metabolism.

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In addition to this, ginger also has various other benefits including cortisol (stress hormone) regulation, saving from mood disorders and anxiety. It also acts upon bowel movements and makes the person digest food completely. The increased energy levels make a person more active and vigorous, eventually showing better physical and mental performance and lowering the chances of low immunity and premature aging.

If you want to start a weight loss plan, relying on ginger alone may not be enough. Try to make significant changes in your diet, and add any physical activity to keep your body active. In case you have an underlying disease that may be affecting your hormones or weight, discuss it with a doctor and devise a treatment plan first, before taking ginger for belly fat loss.





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