Latest Clinical Data Shows Signs of Efficacy of Moderna Vaccine Against the Delta Variant 

moderna vaccine

The highly contagious delta variant appeared in India for the first time and later spread to many countries including the United States. Many health experts speculated that the available vaccines may not be effective in controlling this variant of the coronavirus. However, a recent report suggests that the Moderna vaccine shows promising results against the coronavirus Delta variant. 

The officials at Moderna said that the two doses of their vaccine produced antibodies against the beta, delta, and eta variants of the virus. The company also mentioned that they tested the vaccine in eight participants of the trial. They took the blood serum samples from these participants after eight weeks of receiving the second dose of the Moderna vaccine. Even though these results hint at the efficacy of the vaccine towards this variant, the results outside a lab can be different. 

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The CEO of Moderna, Stephane Bancel said that the company will share the latest advancements in knowledge about the virus and the latest data with the public. She also mentioned that the latest report made them even more confident that their vaccine may work against the new variants of the coronavirus. 

Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) advised the fully vaccinated people to continue wearing masks in public gatherings. The organization also urged them to continue following the social distancing rules and other preventive measures against the coronavirus. These new rules come forward as the highly contagious delta variant continues to spread across the globe. 

According to the WHO officials, fully vaccinated people should stay cautious of the new variant. The delta variant is causing outbreaks in several countries s it is highly contagious. Also, a large population has still not received the vaccine. So, it may lead to delta variants outbreaks at a larger scale. 

Even though Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and Moderna vaccines are highly effective in containing the coronavirus, they show less efficacy against some variants. Hence, the experts worry that the vaccinated individuals may transmit this variant among their communities. 

The Delta variant of the virus was reported in 92 countries and it continues to spread further every week. According to health experts, this mutant may become the dominant coronavirus variant in the coming months. Meanwhile, US president Joe Biden also warned the unvaccinated individuals against the risk of contracting the delta variant. 

Biden also called this variant a serious concern in the country as it continues to spread rapidly. According to the president, the virus claimed more than 600,000 lives in the US over the past year. The newly discovered delta variant may cost the US more people if the virus spreads at the current pace. He also said that the authorities need to vaccinate the younger individuals. Consequently, it can help contain the coronavirus outbreak in the US.

The coronavirus outbreak started more than a year ago and it is spreading across the world ever since. Even though the vaccines show significant progress in containing the pandemic, the new emerging variants are a cause of worry. Therefore, the health experts suggest vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals follow the Covid guidelines. 

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