Jealousy is a Positive feeling which may Strengthen Relationships


Relationships are good when they are clearly defined and free from negative feelings but the new study reveals that jealousy can actually help people to strengthen their relationships

Insecurity and jealousy are a part of human nature but they are negative emotions that could wreck any relationship. Feeling a little timidity is not a bad thing, and especially not when there is an on-going pandemic going around, confirms a new study.

Having friends around is one of the best feelings ever. And having people who love you can decrease the chances of death by heart diseases and to some extent, contracting the coronavirus too.

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A collaborative study conducted by the research teams from Oklahoma State University, Arizona State University, and Hamilton College has regarded jealous as a useful emotion for improving relationships especially friendships.

Friends that are occasionally jealous know the true value of friendship and the motivation to be better for each other to help to maintain long term friendships.

The complete findings of this study are published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Click here to read the complete study findings.

Jaimie Arona Krems a former student at Arizona State University who now works at Oklahoma State University says that friends are not just fun but a lot more. She says friends are an important part of life which could make a person feel better especially during a stressful time just as the coronavirus pandemic.

Being at home, maintaining social distancing, feeling lonely, this time is when someone would need a friend at most. That’s why this study was targeted to know the factors involved in good friendships and interestingly, jealousy is one of them.

If someone wants o to understand the concept of good friendship, it is necessary to evaluate the position of jealousy and how does it maintain good friendship among people.

But it may not be true in all senses. Sometimes when a friend goes away, people tend to feel sad and upset, and this feeling turns into jealousy that they are away and might not feel the same as the other friend does. Jealousy is a strong feeling in situations similar to this.

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The amount and intensity of jealousy are what predict the entry of a third person to enter or to get hold of a person’s life. But interestingly, it doesn’t apply for a love interest or a life partner in a friend’s life. The romantic partner of a friend is less likely to make a friend jealous; in fact, getting a new friend instead of a romantic partner is more likely to initiate jealousy.

Feeling a little jealousy may help people to get over a new friend threat. It could induce friendly guarding which helps people to give attention to their friends. Jealous, surprisingly can also help people to be better friends with their friends.


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