Is Vaping Cannabis Equally Harmful As Vaping Nicotine?

With the introduction of e-cigarettes, many people, specifically in the US have left smoking and bought modern vaping pens. Vapes come in a variety of flavors and other options. Therefore, people can choose in accordance with their preferences, such as between vaping nicotine and vaping cannabis.

These are some of the reasons that can explain the widespread popularity of vapes. However, perhaps the biggest reason a big number of people started buying and using vaping pens is the claim regarding its safety.

Initially, vapes and e-cigarettes were thought to be a safer alternative to traditional smoking. Additionally, many people thought using a vape can help them quit smoking and have a healthier lifestyle.

As a consequence, many people from all age groups started using vapes. Statistically, the majority of teenagers in middle school and high school use vapes or e-cigarettes.

Overall, approximately 4.7 million teenagers and young adults in school use at least one tobacco product. On an everyday basis, around one thousand six hundred people under the age of eighteen try smoking or vapes.

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These statistics on smoking are visibly changing because more and more people are leaving smoking and going for e-cigarettes. This is the primary reason why there is an increase in lung injury associated with the use of vapes and e-cigarettes.

According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, vaping is as harmful as using traditional cigarettes. This applies to all vapes that contain any one of the popular additives in the liquid present in them.

The most common ones include cannabinoid (CBD) oils, nicotine, and even tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) along with flavors and other substances.

The adverse effects of using vapes are now well-known in comparison with before. Many people are aware that vaping is no less harmful than smoking.

However, there is still confusion regarding the difference between vapes containing nicotine and vapes containing cannabis. Regardless of many warnings from the CDC and FDA, people assume that vapes with cannabis are not as harmful comparatively.

It is a common misconception that smoking cannabis in any form can be less harmful. There are many cases of people having lung damage as a result of consuming too much THC by using vapes.

Previous research on smoking cannabis shows that doing so can release toxins into the body. This even includes exposure to certain carcinogens and tar. But, does the method of smoking cannabis make any difference?

The answer is no. Using vapes instead of smoking can also expose a person to toxins. Vaping pens usually have extracts of cannabis in liquid form. This liquid is later vaporized and converted to aerosols, which are later inhaled.

This means that the user is inhaling carcinogens and contaminants. Both of these can directly enter the bloodstream and damage the lungs. In fact, vapes and e-cigarettes contain a more concentrated form of the contaminants than others, which makes them even more harmful.

Secondly, the whole process of turning cannabis into a liquid form can introduce more chemicals in the form of solvents and carrier agents.

In addition to the long-term harmful effects of vaping cannabis, it can also be temporarily useful. A study from John Hopkins University showed vaping cannabis can make the users higher in comparison with smoking it.

This can cause higher levels of anxiety, hallucinations, and even nausea and vomiting. Ultimately, it can put the users in dangerous situations.

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