Arkansas Church Reportedly Linked to Coronavirus Spread

The COVID-19 pandemic now has nearly five million cases confirmed cases around the world with an increasing rate of related fatalities. Although many countries have reported control over coronavirus spread to a big extent, the virus has still been noted to be causing more and more infections rapidly.

Currently, many of the governments have also eased restrictions or lifted nationwide lockdowns which have allowed the re-opening of schools, offices, and businesses. While this is good news, health experts agree that the risk of virus transmission remains the same.

In fact, a number of researchers have argued that once the lockdown is lifted, there is a need for testing on a mass-scale to ensure there is not a second wave of coronavirus and the need for imposing a second lockdown.

With the lifting of restrictions, it is important to know the common activities from everyday life which can aid coronavirus spread and should be avoided even if the lockdown has ended in many parts of the US as well as in other countries.

For example, a case study conducted recently by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention looks at the spread of the infection during services at a Church located in Arkansas.

According to the findings of the report, the experts found that out of the ninety-two people who took part in services held at a local church in Arkansas between March 6th to March 11th, thirty-two were diagnosed with coronavirus.

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The case study is important in a number of ways. Firstly, it highlights the problem of reluctance of people to delay Church-related services or avoid praying in the Church regardless of Churches and other religious places being major contributors to the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to a Los Angeles Times Reports, around two hundred people had to be quarantined following a mass-gathering at Church in celebration for Mother’s day in California.

Secondly, there are also a number of government officials that do not impose stricter restrictions regarding religious activities in many of the states.

For instance, Arkansas has banned gatherings at places including homes that involve more than ten people but this restriction does not apply if the gathering is for religious purposes.

In addition to the thirty-two infected people, another twenty-six people were infected because of interaction with the attendees. The pastor of the Church and his wife also tested positive for the infection.

Nonetheless, the Church had to be closed down ultimately with the absence of the Pastor. This shows not only how quickly can the SARS-CoV-2 virus transmit with minimal interaction but also how following all guidelines for the prevention of COVID-19 are fundamental.

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention has actually particularly given instructions on the opening of Churches after easing of lockdown restrictions as well as has given guidance on how to prevent the infection while going to Church.

However, even after following all necessary preventive measures, the risk of coronavirus spread during a congregational meet-up is still very high. Therefore, joining the gathering of people larger than eight to ten people is not recommended.

Instead of services and congregations, it is better to visit the Church during the early time of the day when there are not a lot of people or an even safer option would be to pray at home which can either be done alone or in a small meet-up.

Keep in mind that even if the restrictions have been eased, the virus is still there. Neglecting the instructions and engaging in activities that can aid coronavirus spread can make the pandemic even longer, increase fatalities, and cause a second lockdown.



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