CoronaVac: A New Hope for War against the Pandemic?

coronavirus vaccine may be developed iin the near future

Sinovac Biotech Limited located in Beijing, China recently manufactured a potential coronavirus vaccine named CoronaVac after testing a set of individuals in two detailed trial phases in the East China region.

SARs-CoV-2 brought the world to its knees. Firms around the world are trying their best to develop a vaccine as soon as possible. It is high time for war as the leading fighter against the virus is again under threat, an alarming situation.

Fortunately, Sinovac, a leading fighter in this war just discovered that jab can be a potential weapon against the “big enemy”.

Sinovac conducted a test on 743 virus affected individuals in a trial of two phases and obtained a satisfactory result of 90% success. Bear in mind that there were no mishaps during the trial.

Over 14 days period, the groups received two jabs and started developing the counteracting antibodies. The quick development of an unharming and useful vaccine is the only path we can follow in this difficult journey.

Sinovac started working on jab when it revealed in the month of May that they can be an effective candidate. The company produced effective vaccines for hepatitis A and B and general and pandemic flu before.

Sinovac already started manufacturing on a global scale as they announced the next phase which would take place in Brazil. Brazil is the second-largest COVID-19 affected region to date.

CEPI repeats that 200 countries taking part in vaccine development have already developed at least 200 vaccines for the pandemic but most of them don’t have enough resources to lead the front.

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AstraZeneca and Oxford University will also reveal the results of their first two phases in the coming weeks. It is well known that the first coronavirus vaccine will not give the best results.

We get this fact from the history that the first attempt never results in satisfactory results. Take the venture of Fleming as an example. However, it is the road to destiny that matters the most.

CoronaVac can lead the front as Sinovac is among the 5 countries from China who reached the testing stage which is the only stage before public use.

Other enterprises such as Moderna are also in the lead. Moderna revealed their results from the clinical trial step’s phase 3 for the vaccine development in a press release.

The situation in the United States got worse with a record of more than 115000 deaths due to the fatal pandemic.

Many countries are devoting their time and effort in order to help the enterprises spending their days and night in the effort for the successful development of a vaccine.

Germany also took a big step in favor of effective coronavirus vaccine development by taking a huge stake in a company developing the vaccine known as CureVac.

All that said, we can hope for a swift development for an effective vaccine before the end of this year. Otherwise, the results could be alarming for all of us.


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