How to Heal a Broken Heart?

Heal a Broken Heart

It is not easy to move on and get over a heartbreak. This emotional distress and rejection of love can even induce pain and inflammation like a physical disease says a new study. The human body tries to processes emotional pain as if it is a physical threat. For a person who has recently experienced a relationship trauma, it is necessary to face it and find a way to heal a broken heart.

Avoiding these feelings on purpose only makes the condition worsen. Medical experts believe that it is necessary to accept them and pass them. Anita Gadhia-Smith is a psychotherapist from the District of Columbia and she says that the breakup could be the most crucial time of a person’s life. It can not only affect a person’s present but may also trigger old painful memories such as traumatic childhood or troubled relationship with parents.

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Gadhia-Smith has recently published a book named “How to Heal Emotional Trauma: 7 Keys to Finding Freedom and Self-Worth.”

Based on this book, here are a few tips on how to process a heartbreak.

Embrace your emotions

The first thing to do is to accept that whatever happened has already happened and denying it wouldn’t change it. it is the right time to accept the emotions as the grief often reduces with a consciousness.

Manage the negative thoughts

Having negative thoughts right after a breakup is normal but it doesn’t mean that you should welcome them. To heal a broken heart, it is necessary to strengthen your thought process so that no negative emotions can affect you.

Learn the difference between grief and depression

While many people assume these two to be the same thing; there is a fine difference between them. Being constantly stressed can lead to depression which is a medical condition and requires proper treatment. Do not confuse it for grief or ‘just being negative’ because unlike other common emotions, depression doesn’t heal on its own.

Invest time in yourself

The best is to find new activities or get new hobbies to spend time. It is a good idea to keep yourself busy to get over the negativity and stress. Anything from watching a movie, listening to podcasts, going to the gym or learning a skill can help.

Focus on other relations

Getting out of a relationship is difficult but a heartbreak should not affect other relations. To heal a broken heart, it is necessary to turn to all other people in your life who love you or care about you. It could be anyone, from friends, family, work colleague neighbor anyone.

Start self-care

During this crucial time, you can absolutely not afford any health problems. It is necessary to regulate your sleeping cycle, hydrating your body, eating healthily, and meditate to follow a perfect self-care plan. you can also add additional practices such as daily skin-care, exercise, or anything that you like best.

Going to a therapist is okay

Unlike popular opinion, seeking therapy is normal and not something that should raise eyebrows. If you are stuck moving on after a relationship and nothing seems to be working, get therapy. Find someone that you can trust and share what you think. Make sure that your therapist is a certified person with experience to tackle such cases.

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Take good out of the bad

Remembering all the past times is surely hard but you can make good memories and use them in self-healing. Although it looks difficult and you might have to forgive whatever your partner did to you. But in the end, the self-healing is everything.

Spread love

Promoting negativity after a breakup is typical but spreading love after being hurt is something that brings you much more than just happiness. It is the right time to become the love that you never received and make sure you are spreading it to those who might need it.


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