How is President Trump Battling with the COVID-19?

Trump COVID-19

The US President Donald Trump and the first lady Melania Trump were tested positive for COVID-19 and it sparked the internet. The President announced this through his Twitter account saying that the couple is experiencing mild symptoms and is now under quarantine.

The deputy assistant to the US President Judd Deere, issued a memorandum from the doctor treating the president and the first lady, Dr. Sean P. Conley verifying the diagnosis.

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For most people, COVID-19 starts as a mild problem and it only gets worse if a person decides to ignore it or get no treatment at all. But for President Trump, COVID-19 is risky mainly because of his other underlying conditions such as age.

For him, this risk is as high as for any other person who is above 60 years of age. The President and first lady were tested through a rapid diagnostic kit which produces results within 15 minutes, however, a research study found it rather inaccurate previously.

For this reason, many health experts suggest re-investigating the situation and do the tests again because the details of Trump’s testing are not made public, yet. It is hard to estimate what would have happened.

As the virus is highly unpredictable, there is no way to estimate if the President will develop extreme symptoms or not. But the general presumption says that a person of this age with a history of blood pressure and obesity has the high risks of complications. But again, there is no way to predict how worse this virus can go for the US President.

The health experts say that the next two weeks are very critical for both the President and the first lady. Although the risk of complications is low in Melania Trump the next 14 days, both of them will be under a watch to see how this disease progresses in them. On the basis of their response to the treatment and symptoms, their treatment will be changed.  The doctors have advised the President and the first lady to cancel their meetings and travel and end their interaction with other people. In addition to this, it also requires everyone who has been around them to be under a 14 days quarantine.

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This news of President Trump diagnosed with COVID-19 went all over the media within a few minutes of posting his tweet. It also shows that the virus doesn’t spare anyone, it doesn’t care if the person it is attacking is rich or poor, the ordinary man, or a man of power like Donald Trump.

Many people are mocking the president for his earlier statements on the pandemic. Like one time in April, he publicly said that he wouldn’t like to wear a face mask. Some people believe it’s his personal negligence and reluctant nature that made him infected but healthcare experts have not commented on this.

The general guidelines on pandemic require every person to wear a facemask, take care of his hand hygiene, and maintain a social distance of at least 6 feet. Those who are already sick and old are advised to be extra careful because of the low immunity and the response rate of the body. There is no way to tell who is carrying the virus as many cases of are asymptomatic meaning the infected person doesn’t even know he is infected and he keeps on interacting with people and infecting them with the coronavirus.

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