Heatwave Warning Released for Britishers

Heatwave Warning

The United Kingdom is most likely to be hit with an intense heatwave which is rather supervising after the entire month of July was relatively colder. Weeks of overcast skies, the temperature is going to turn up higher, implying people to consider the heatwave warning serious.

The temperature will be at peak this Friday that may exceed 30 o C in some parts of the country. However, London will enjoy pleasant weather, confirmed by The Meteorological Office, UK.

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The South Eastern side will show a temperature increase of up to 28C. The Southern West and many areas of Wales will experience up to 25 degrees centigrade temperature.

While some people may like hot weather but increased temperature can even kill a person. An intense heatwave can make a person dizzy, faint, or leave him in pain. However, this situation is treatable by confining yourself to a cooler environment and hydrating the body.

The  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that extreme temperature increase takes up to 688 lives annually. And when this temperature becomes constant, it may also cause sunstroke or organ failure in humans.

In the past, the famous Chicago heat wave of 1995 was responsible for 692 deaths and left 3,300 people extremely sick. The research studies conducted on this heatwave pointed out that 28% of people exposed to the heat eventually died within the same year, despite surviving the heatstroke. So the heatwave warnings are not just random instructions but require public attention and implementation.

In the US, the heatwaves are considered deadly and from the year 1999 to 2009, CDC recorded more than 7,800 deaths by heatwaves. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t even take repeated exposure to heat to experience health damages. A single heatwave can make hundreds or thousands of people suffer in one go. In 2003, a heatwave in France ended up taking 14,800 in one go.

In areas that are highly risky to the heat, the airlines temporarily suspend their functions and doctors share heatwave warnings before the temperature is expected to rise.  In extreme cases, the heat waves can even cause second and third-degree burns.

Upon the question, who is at the highest risk, young children are most likely to hit by this natural phenomenon. The medical experts believe that children have very delicate skin and their bodies are unable to survive an intense increase in temperature. That’s why they are most affected by heatwaves.

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The symptoms of a heat stroke or heat exhaustion appear when a person loses a huge amount of water and salts through the body’s sweat. It may show up as nausea, fatigue, cramps, tiredness, fever, and vomiting.

Although these two are two different conditions; but heat exhaustion and heat stroke are directly related to each other. Exhaustion may lead to a  heat stroke in which a person suffers extremely high temperature and the sweating process fail to cool down the body’s temperature.

Within a few days, the UK will experience a heatwave which may affect public health at large. The medical experts suggest avoiding unnecessary sun exposure along with taking care of the hydration levels to prevent heatstroke.

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